Ken's monthly report Jun 2016 "I move to London Thank you Galway!"

Last Saturday, my friend invited me to TEDx Galway.
This was so interesting for me. It was remarkable for me too, because I learned English in Japan with TED movies.
Now I can almost understand what they speak about.
I felt so happy at the night. Thank you, Nick.
I got a new dream that I will presentation in English someday.

Galway summer is coming!
It's not hot, but every day it shines even in Ireland!!
Surprisingly it is not dark even until 22:30. I can't imagine that it will be getting longer daytime to the summer solstice.
Even though, Its really good weather, I stay in Cafe every day to write articles and to interview people.

My dream is " I can work anywhere I want to stay"
Now my dream is coming closer and closer.

I move to London. Thank you Galway.
I leave here 13th Jun.I will but I don't know I come back to Galway or not.

I move to London where my friend lives.
You know that UK holds a big referendum about "Leaving EU or not" in this month.
I will go there and report it.

After July, I don't have an exact plan. Maybe I travel Ireland or other countries where my friends live in Europe.
My friend told me "No plan is Best plan"
Schedule from June.
12th My 30th Birthday.
13th I leave Galway.
14th I arrive in London.
23th UK referendum.

July and August.
No plan. I will visit Spain, Italy and Germany.

17th My friend Wedding party in Berlin.

I have to go back to Japan for a while.

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