Leave group canvassing in London

In Japan, The Upper House elections campaign starts today. In the UK, its last day for campaigning on EU referendum.

Yesterday I covered Leave groups canvassing.

They knocked on the door and tried to spread their information.

Yesterday was a weekday, so Not many people are in their house.
However, some of them opened the door and talked.

If they didn't get an answer, they put a leaflet.

Some of the houses show their opinion to vote.

The left side of them is Lucy, she is a local council in this area.
She did already about 10 times canvassing.

The Right side of them is Joy, she organised yesterday's canvassing.
Usually, she canvasses weekends but the polling day is this week, so she did even on a weekday.
"UK should make connection with all over the world not only EU countries"

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