'Life is too short' I realized finally.

I have thought that "I can do anything I want"
Now I don't think so.

I became 30 years old.
Finally, I notice that 'Life is too short' to do everything.

I have already a lot of things to do and places to visit and these things become more and more.
I can't do everything so I should determine priorities.

"I can't do it" " I really want to do it"
Even though, It's not easy to say so, after saying I would be relieved.


I go out to drink tonight 9:30 PM
Today, 12th Jun, is my birthday and also my last day in Galway.
So if you have a chance, let me know.

I'm not sure where we go drinking.
Please contact me 0838039582. Then I will tell you where we are!

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