My ideas are sometimes alien to his values.

My ideas are sometimes alien to his values.
In the restaurant where I work, there is a Portuguese.

Our menu has Bento, Bento means a box of lunch or dinner in Japanese.
For example pork katsu, salads, tempura and rice in a Bento.
He thinks it looks nicer pork katsu, salad, and rice with sesame.
For me, I prefer put Sesame only to rice. His idea is too much sesame. It doesn't look good.

I will serve wasabi looks like a small mountain.
He doesn't like that kind of shape because it remains bit my fingerprint. So he easily puts wasabi.

Our value and environment of growing up are totally different.
He has intelligence and rational thinking.
So we talk about "Which is better way for customer"
It's fun and interesting to work with him.

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