Powell family invited me their house!

I always walked with "Pokemon Go"

From a stranger's house, it took about 1 hour, I arrived at a service station.

On the street, it is sometimes tricky to get a car which takes me away, but at a service station its much easier to get it.

Sheffield was in the festival once a year!

At first, when I came into the city center in Sheffield, I saw loud and rapid merry-go-round.
It was very bright and intense....
This was nothing for children.

I strayed into the city center. I heard many types of very loud music on the street or the alley, by the restaurant or pub.

I was surrounded by music.
Music occupied the city.

I didn't expect the festival. I was left over from the atmosphere because I had the huge backpack.

I kept walking then left city center, the music faded away.

I should find a somewhere good place to sleep at the night.

I found a park where it was Poke-stop where there was a gathering place for Pokemon player.
There were some young people.

We talked about Pokemon and other things.

Young guys went back their home.

I started preparing to sleep, then one guy came to me with a dog.
He asked me "What are you doing here?"
I answered. "I'm traveling in the UK. I will sleep here tonight."

Maybe in London, nobody cares about people who stay in the park at night but Sheffield was different.

"Umm... are you not bad people?"
"I don't think so :) "

After that, he invited me to his house.
He smiled at me. He looks not bad people.

He is Tony.
His house located very good place just nearby the park.

His family owns a clothes company.
His wife is Shelly who designs T-shirts.
Their son is very cheerful.

They let me to make T-shirts.
This was unforgettable memory and experience.

After Shelly and their sun went to bed, Tony and I talked in their garden.
We talked about many things until it got very cold.

He let me stay the lobby, I fell asleep as soon as laid down on the floor.

Following morning, he prepared breakfast for me.

I asked him that I would buy a T-Shirts, then "OK, so You can buy but also you can make yourself"

「Never underestimate the power of Powell!」

Their brand is here, you can order their clothes from this website.


I wear this cool clean shirt, then I'm heading to next city with the memory of them!


A stranger invited me to stay.

From Nottingham, I walked all day with Pokemon Go. I knew it's not the best way to travel with Pokemon I think, but I like it. I can't disobey it.

My destination was next service station. It was already very close, but it was too late to walk.

I felt in asleep very soon....

However, one old guy spoke to me.
"Are you OK?"

me:"Yes OK Thanks"
I closed my eyes.

Then he asked me "Do you feel cold?"
me: "No but thank you."

I was sleepy. Just sleepy.....

He asked me again!
"Do you want to drink beer?"


He looks drunk.
He is strange but not looks like crazy.

We talked about yourself each other.

He can speak French, He has 2 children....

He gave me delicious Kebab and glass of wine.

He taught me a French Game and an English one.

He made his table by himself.

The mirror made me smile instinctively.
 He made the mirror.

I know its dangerous to stay strangers house.
When I was in Vietnam and London.
I met some dangerous people.
I know not all people are kind.
However, I will not reject their offer.


I got into Pokemon Go! then got tired....

I long waited for "Pokemon Go"
Do you enjoy it?

I saw the promotion movie of it. I cried because my dream comes true since I was an elementary school student.

Pokemon is in town in the forest, in the river!

I was traveling by hitchhiking since I started playing Pokemon, I preferred walking.

I enjoyed getting new Pokemons and evolving them.

I met some other people who played Pokemon Go in the park.
We talked about our Pokemons. That was a real pleasure of the Game.


However, "Pokemon Go" is basically we can do just only waiting for appearing Pokemon.
Besides, I can grow up only the Pokemon which kind of appeared.

Is it for people who can wait with patience?

I will raise Squirtle, not Pidgey.

Even I can't wait for turning traffic light red to blue.
I can't wait for the train then I prefer to walk.

I don't want to wait.
I feel stress when I can't control.

I miss the first Pokemon this is the best for me so far.
I played it without my parents knowing.
I always compare with the first one.

I'm looking for "new" Pokemon Go.
(I didn't pay anything for it but I expect a new one)


Nottingham's Caroc and young kind people

I found "meet up" dance event that any beginner can join.

She taught me very well.
I felt I can dance really good.

We should change partner for every song.

I should ask someone who would dance with me
I felt bit nervous because I know only 3 steps!
However I don't have choice just ASK.

I've never expected to say "Shall we dance?" like in the movie.

The Ceroc was ended at 22:00

I should look for somewhere to sleep.
Fortunately, I found a perfect bench with the roof nearby dancehall!
Tonight the roof is very important, the weather is not very good.

When I prepared to sleep.
6 young people came to me and said "Hello nice to meet you"
I was surprised but not scared.

They looked not dangerous nor crazy.
They live near the park.

Joe traveled Africa then he met Dutch guy.
The Dutch guy visited Joe.
This is the best way to travel!
We talked about my journey, the EU referendum and music.

I told Joe that I would sleep here in the park.
Then he would invite me to his house to sleep, but he can't,
because he lives with parents.

One girl Rachel asked me that "If you like I can take you to city center by car tomorrow"

They are very kind.
Thank you very much.

After midnight, they came back to home.
And I slept into dream soon.

From Oxford to Nottingham

I didn't expect to use German again in the UK.
From Milton Keynes, I waited for next car.
Then one car stopped in front of me.

Surprisingly they spoke German, I came into their conversation in German.
They were surprised.

I and Salifu have some common experience, 
We learn German and lived in Ireland.
We talked about many things each other.

 Here in the UK, I supposed to speak fluent English,
However, not many people can speak German.

Cheerful Father and shy daughter.

African banana dish

This was an amazing dish. It was so hot but tastes great!
Beef with cassava leaves and palm oil.

We enjoyed playing guitar together.
Everyone can play guitar and sing a song.

I played "Wake me up!" byAvicii

Following day, He took me to the city center.

We changed facebook so we can contact anytime when we want.


In the UK we can find Table tennis table in some city center.

There are trams in Nottingham.
When I look trams I remember Heidelberg days in 2013.

I ate lunch I took a nap.
At the evening I learned Ceroc.
I will write this story later.


Couch surfing and home party in Oxford

I slept very well until half past 8 am.
I found a new message from a host of couch surfing.

I went to the address where he told me.
He greeted me at the door. 
We introduced ourself each other. 

His house is tidy and clean.

At this evening, we ate dinner together.
I cooked stirfry with Japanese special sauce called MISO
He prepared for me salads, some fish fingers and great desert.

This was great I've never eaten like this delicious sauce!

I asked him to put a bit more ice cream.

He put one more scoop of ice cream with a smile.

He stays 3 months in Nepal per year.
He has been to Japan 3 month as well.
He knows some Japanese word.
This is awesome.

We talked a lot about many things.
He is musician and sound maker.
He owns his music studio.

The former day I couldn't take a shower, so I took a shower.
Then I fell asleep.

Following morning, he asked me to pick up his gardens fruits.
I helped him very gladly. This was really fun.
This is the most interesting work for a farmer "Harvest!".

I walked out to the hottest day in England.
The temperature was over 30 Celsius.

I had an appointment with Ms.BASIL.

She knows about UK and Japan and she talks very accurately,
sometimes very critical.

I'd be none the worse for being turned down. 
I asked her that I would meet her.
Then she accepted my wish.

She invited me to her home party!

She took me up at the city center to her house by car.
She is open mind lady.
I felt relax because of her joke.
"You can be a politician in the UK. Then you can stay here"

After arriving her house, her son asked me to play frisbee.
We enjoyed it very much, he plays very well, he taught me how to bound it.

Her family and friends treated me very warmly.

She prepared special dinner.
Sushi, Salad, grilled potato with mozzarella cheese and Pasta with china sauce, 

Usually, I eat only sandwiches with mayo and ketchup.

So many dishes caught my eye that I couldn't easily decide what to eat.

BASIL is anonymity name.

I don't know what can I write here. but there were Ms. Basil, her husband, former member of assembly in FDP, and her neighbour teaches English.

I heard about hate crime in Oxford. We talked about how to make a better referendum.
For example, we need check system for broadcast advertisements.

I would talk more with them but Dave woke up for me. I should go.

Her husband drove me to Dave's house.

Thank you very much Ms. Basil, for great time, and conversation.
I really enjoyed dinner and talking with you.

I will meet you again someday in Japan or UK.

The story was about 18th and 19th July.


From London to Oxford

"Take me north!"

there is "south park"
Huge grasses ground. There is same size grasses behind the bench.

Taking a walk with cider ^_^

This is main pedestrian street in Oxford.
There are many student and young generations.

I walked around in Oxford, then finally I found good place to sleep.

Christ Church Sports Ground.
The entrance is closed for cars.
However for walkers like me can go through inside.

There are tables, and benches.
There is roof to avoid rain.
There are no tap and toilet but still it is very comfortable for one night.


From Canterbury to London.

Thank you very much, Daichi and Okabe family,
They accepted me to stay in Canterbury for 4 days.

At that time I didn't have any plan, after leaving their house.

"What I want to do? Where I want to go?"

I floated myself in the sea of infinite possibility.

I can do anything, I can go anywhere.

I made sure it and kept walking but no destination.
I thought but no meaning.

Time can solve it.
Just I was flowing.

I didn't want to make anything.
I didn't want to break anything either.

I didn't say either Yes nor No.
I didn't judge anything which came out to my thoughts.

Here is my safety place.
I felt relax, but my brain worked harder than usual.

I wanted to stay there forever,
but it was over soon.

I planned to go to London by Hitchhiking.

At first, a Lady and old man took me to the service station in Canterbury,

Then, Garry took me to Clacket Lane services.
Thank you very much.

He is an owner of electric repairing company.

I asked about the influence of Brexit.
He is afraid of rising cost the product from EU countries.

At Clacket Lane Services, I couldn't find people who can take me.
There were many friendly and kind people, but all of them was headed to the south.

I gave up to wait.
I started to walk to London.
London is more than 50km in distance from here.

At 9pm the sun set slowly.
At 10pm finally, I found a park.
There was the place I was looking for.

Even there was no toilet,
There was a comfortable bench, a roof I can avoid rains and tap water.

Quiet, Deserted and Safe.
There was just huge grasses field.

I laid cardboard which I used as a sign of hitchhiking on the bench.

I thrust my legs into the backpack instead of sleeping back.
I pillowed my head on my clothes.

It was enough comfortable.

When I sleep outside, I feel "I'm living".
I feel my heart is beating.

This is my first night on the outside.
I underestimated British nights.
It was so cold.

I woke up many times because of chilly temperature.

I got up at 4 am.
I saw the sun was rising.

I started to walk to London where 30km away from here.
I didn't hitchhike because it was too good weather to do.

It brightened, then got darker.

I arrived in London.


"How to get cheap flight ticket to Japan?"

I go back to Japan 1st Nov from Germany.
It's cost 66,800 JPY.

Comparing many sites.
For example,
Sky Scanner

Go to the owner site.

You can find cheap airlines by Comparing sites.
Then you should go to the owner site, like Etihad, ANA, Emirates, or Jetstar.

If they have a corporate flight like ANA and Lufthansa, you should research both companies.

This is safer than booking comparing sites.

You can book destination city as a stopover.

This is not simple but sometimes it's worth to do.

I bought a ticket from Frankfurt Germany to Okinawa island in Japan via Tokyo

It's cheaper than from Frankfurt to Tokyo.

Sometimes happen like this situation.
When I booked a ticket to Scotland.
It was a via London ticket, but it was cheaper than a ticket just going to London.

※Please notice it if you buy round trip ticket, you should check, you can use ticket like this.

Now UK Pound is much cheaper than last decades, It's a good chance to come to the UK.

I stay in Japan at least 1st Feb, 2017.
I miss my family and friends in Japan!
Let's meet and drink together!



I visit Canterbury with my friend Daichi who come to London to study "Social determinants of  health". 

The referendum is finished,but I keep researching it. I will visit some countryside villages in England, 

Canterbury is beautiful sightseeing city, The buildings, and stores are coloured unity. There are small boats on the murmur of a brook.

I like the Cathedral in Canterbury, especially courtyard, the grasses green makes a structure comparison,  


I met book through Haruki Murakami, I met him through Book.

I know what should I do, I know what I want to do.
I think about I should do report "The referendum" but I can't control my desire to read them.
I will do what I want to do.

I'm in London now, and I read novels by Haruki Murakami.
He is a Japanese famous author who nominated as a novel prize literature.
His word is easy, simple and clear, but not trite.

I realize that what an interesting reading book is.

Before reading his book, for me, it is sometimes a duty, sometimes an excuse or killing time.

I know it's useful, important, but not exciting like ONEPIECE which Japanese comic of pirates.

I like much prefer Newspaper than books.

I met book through Haruki Murakami,
I met him through Book.


I wrote an article about opening right to vote for 18s.

In Japan before this summer, people can vote only over 20 years old because our law provides that 20 years old is the age of adult.

However, Japan is an aging society with a low birthrate. The government decided to extend the voting age from 20 to 18.

I wrote this article for Japanese evening newspaper "Fuji" 

I interviewed Irish young man Cien, who is 18 years old, voted the general election this year in Ireland.

I interviewed also Taira Togashi who established Japan Youth Conference, and Daisuke Hayashi who organized mock-election for students before reaching the age they can vote.

Thank you very much for all who helped me to publish it.

I think it's important and good for our democracy, and I welcome new young voters.


"March for Europe" Post referendum huge demonstration in London

2nd July the vast of people joined the demonstration.
From hyde park to parliament square they marched the street with their own placards.

We can prevent Brexit by refusing to accept the referendum as the final say and take our finger off the self-destruct button.

It is the responsibility of parliament to consider our democracy more carefully and call for a vote before they all accept the UK's decline.

Let's not leave the next generation adrift. We can provide the ammunition parliament needs to reason their way through this mess and reconsider Brexit, if we make a stand!

The power is still with the people and we can change things if we are organised and passionate in our response. Let's unite the remain voters and those who regret their vote to leave. Let’s turn this on its head.

Dump work, cancel your shopping trip, bring your afternoon get togethers to the streets!

Let’s march, let’s protest, and let’s stop Brexit!


There are also many EU citizens and Children who couldn't vote at that time, but they would vote "remain".


She put her sign "Leave" up in front of No, 10
For PM, Cameron, and also her, many people called "Shame"

another woman stood beside her and called "Project Love"
I was moved by her action.

The racist should be criticized, but they don't know the old lady is racist or not.
Not everyone who voted "Leave" are racist.

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