A stranger invited me to stay.

From Nottingham, I walked all day with Pokemon Go. I knew it's not the best way to travel with Pokemon I think, but I like it. I can't disobey it.

My destination was next service station. It was already very close, but it was too late to walk.

I felt in asleep very soon....

However, one old guy spoke to me.
"Are you OK?"

me:"Yes OK Thanks"
I closed my eyes.

Then he asked me "Do you feel cold?"
me: "No but thank you."

I was sleepy. Just sleepy.....

He asked me again!
"Do you want to drink beer?"


He looks drunk.
He is strange but not looks like crazy.

We talked about yourself each other.

He can speak French, He has 2 children....

He gave me delicious Kebab and glass of wine.

He taught me a French Game and an English one.

He made his table by himself.

The mirror made me smile instinctively.
 He made the mirror.

I know its dangerous to stay strangers house.
When I was in Vietnam and London.
I met some dangerous people.
I know not all people are kind.
However, I will not reject their offer.

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