Couch surfing and home party in Oxford

I slept very well until half past 8 am.
I found a new message from a host of couch surfing.

I went to the address where he told me.
He greeted me at the door. 
We introduced ourself each other. 

His house is tidy and clean.

At this evening, we ate dinner together.
I cooked stirfry with Japanese special sauce called MISO
He prepared for me salads, some fish fingers and great desert.

This was great I've never eaten like this delicious sauce!

I asked him to put a bit more ice cream.

He put one more scoop of ice cream with a smile.

He stays 3 months in Nepal per year.
He has been to Japan 3 month as well.
He knows some Japanese word.
This is awesome.

We talked a lot about many things.
He is musician and sound maker.
He owns his music studio.

The former day I couldn't take a shower, so I took a shower.
Then I fell asleep.

Following morning, he asked me to pick up his gardens fruits.
I helped him very gladly. This was really fun.
This is the most interesting work for a farmer "Harvest!".

I walked out to the hottest day in England.
The temperature was over 30 Celsius.

I had an appointment with Ms.BASIL.

She knows about UK and Japan and she talks very accurately,
sometimes very critical.

I'd be none the worse for being turned down. 
I asked her that I would meet her.
Then she accepted my wish.

She invited me to her home party!

She took me up at the city center to her house by car.
She is open mind lady.
I felt relax because of her joke.
"You can be a politician in the UK. Then you can stay here"

After arriving her house, her son asked me to play frisbee.
We enjoyed it very much, he plays very well, he taught me how to bound it.

Her family and friends treated me very warmly.

She prepared special dinner.
Sushi, Salad, grilled potato with mozzarella cheese and Pasta with china sauce, 

Usually, I eat only sandwiches with mayo and ketchup.

So many dishes caught my eye that I couldn't easily decide what to eat.

BASIL is anonymity name.

I don't know what can I write here. but there were Ms. Basil, her husband, former member of assembly in FDP, and her neighbour teaches English.

I heard about hate crime in Oxford. We talked about how to make a better referendum.
For example, we need check system for broadcast advertisements.

I would talk more with them but Dave woke up for me. I should go.

Her husband drove me to Dave's house.

Thank you very much Ms. Basil, for great time, and conversation.
I really enjoyed dinner and talking with you.

I will meet you again someday in Japan or UK.

The story was about 18th and 19th July.

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