From Canterbury to London.

Thank you very much, Daichi and Okabe family,
They accepted me to stay in Canterbury for 4 days.

At that time I didn't have any plan, after leaving their house.

"What I want to do? Where I want to go?"

I floated myself in the sea of infinite possibility.

I can do anything, I can go anywhere.

I made sure it and kept walking but no destination.
I thought but no meaning.

Time can solve it.
Just I was flowing.

I didn't want to make anything.
I didn't want to break anything either.

I didn't say either Yes nor No.
I didn't judge anything which came out to my thoughts.

Here is my safety place.
I felt relax, but my brain worked harder than usual.

I wanted to stay there forever,
but it was over soon.

I planned to go to London by Hitchhiking.

At first, a Lady and old man took me to the service station in Canterbury,

Then, Garry took me to Clacket Lane services.
Thank you very much.

He is an owner of electric repairing company.

I asked about the influence of Brexit.
He is afraid of rising cost the product from EU countries.

At Clacket Lane Services, I couldn't find people who can take me.
There were many friendly and kind people, but all of them was headed to the south.

I gave up to wait.
I started to walk to London.
London is more than 50km in distance from here.

At 9pm the sun set slowly.
At 10pm finally, I found a park.
There was the place I was looking for.

Even there was no toilet,
There was a comfortable bench, a roof I can avoid rains and tap water.

Quiet, Deserted and Safe.
There was just huge grasses field.

I laid cardboard which I used as a sign of hitchhiking on the bench.

I thrust my legs into the backpack instead of sleeping back.
I pillowed my head on my clothes.

It was enough comfortable.

When I sleep outside, I feel "I'm living".
I feel my heart is beating.

This is my first night on the outside.
I underestimated British nights.
It was so cold.

I woke up many times because of chilly temperature.

I got up at 4 am.
I saw the sun was rising.

I started to walk to London where 30km away from here.
I didn't hitchhike because it was too good weather to do.

It brightened, then got darker.

I arrived in London.

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