From Oxford to Nottingham

I didn't expect to use German again in the UK.
From Milton Keynes, I waited for next car.
Then one car stopped in front of me.

Surprisingly they spoke German, I came into their conversation in German.
They were surprised.

I and Salifu have some common experience, 
We learn German and lived in Ireland.
We talked about many things each other.

 Here in the UK, I supposed to speak fluent English,
However, not many people can speak German.

Cheerful Father and shy daughter.

African banana dish

This was an amazing dish. It was so hot but tastes great!
Beef with cassava leaves and palm oil.

We enjoyed playing guitar together.
Everyone can play guitar and sing a song.

I played "Wake me up!" byAvicii

Following day, He took me to the city center.

We changed facebook so we can contact anytime when we want.


In the UK we can find Table tennis table in some city center.

There are trams in Nottingham.
When I look trams I remember Heidelberg days in 2013.

I ate lunch I took a nap.
At the evening I learned Ceroc.
I will write this story later.

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