"How to get cheap flight ticket to Japan?"

I go back to Japan 1st Nov from Germany.
It's cost 66,800 JPY.

Comparing many sites.
For example,
Sky Scanner

Go to the owner site.

You can find cheap airlines by Comparing sites.
Then you should go to the owner site, like Etihad, ANA, Emirates, or Jetstar.

If they have a corporate flight like ANA and Lufthansa, you should research both companies.

This is safer than booking comparing sites.

You can book destination city as a stopover.

This is not simple but sometimes it's worth to do.

I bought a ticket from Frankfurt Germany to Okinawa island in Japan via Tokyo

It's cheaper than from Frankfurt to Tokyo.

Sometimes happen like this situation.
When I booked a ticket to Scotland.
It was a via London ticket, but it was cheaper than a ticket just going to London.

※Please notice it if you buy round trip ticket, you should check, you can use ticket like this.

Now UK Pound is much cheaper than last decades, It's a good chance to come to the UK.

I stay in Japan at least 1st Feb, 2017.
I miss my family and friends in Japan!
Let's meet and drink together!

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