I got into Pokemon Go! then got tired....

I long waited for "Pokemon Go"
Do you enjoy it?

I saw the promotion movie of it. I cried because my dream comes true since I was an elementary school student.

Pokemon is in town in the forest, in the river!

I was traveling by hitchhiking since I started playing Pokemon, I preferred walking.

I enjoyed getting new Pokemons and evolving them.

I met some other people who played Pokemon Go in the park.
We talked about our Pokemons. That was a real pleasure of the Game.


However, "Pokemon Go" is basically we can do just only waiting for appearing Pokemon.
Besides, I can grow up only the Pokemon which kind of appeared.

Is it for people who can wait with patience?

I will raise Squirtle, not Pidgey.

Even I can't wait for turning traffic light red to blue.
I can't wait for the train then I prefer to walk.

I don't want to wait.
I feel stress when I can't control.

I miss the first Pokemon this is the best for me so far.
I played it without my parents knowing.
I always compare with the first one.

I'm looking for "new" Pokemon Go.
(I didn't pay anything for it but I expect a new one)

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