Nottingham's Caroc and young kind people

I found "meet up" dance event that any beginner can join.

She taught me very well.
I felt I can dance really good.

We should change partner for every song.

I should ask someone who would dance with me
I felt bit nervous because I know only 3 steps!
However I don't have choice just ASK.

I've never expected to say "Shall we dance?" like in the movie.

The Ceroc was ended at 22:00

I should look for somewhere to sleep.
Fortunately, I found a perfect bench with the roof nearby dancehall!
Tonight the roof is very important, the weather is not very good.

When I prepared to sleep.
6 young people came to me and said "Hello nice to meet you"
I was surprised but not scared.

They looked not dangerous nor crazy.
They live near the park.

Joe traveled Africa then he met Dutch guy.
The Dutch guy visited Joe.
This is the best way to travel!
We talked about my journey, the EU referendum and music.

I told Joe that I would sleep here in the park.
Then he would invite me to his house to sleep, but he can't,
because he lives with parents.

One girl Rachel asked me that "If you like I can take you to city center by car tomorrow"

They are very kind.
Thank you very much.

After midnight, they came back to home.
And I slept into dream soon.

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