No plan is Best plan with German

【1st day】" Can you understand Japanese?"
Last Monday, I met these guys Raoul, Alex, and Marin (left to right in the picture)
Raoul and Alex are German, they come to London for sightseeing but they didn't have any plan in London. Marin who works in London is Japanese.  We went another "meet up" It was not enough time to speak. Raoul and Alex are very intelligent and open-minded. They know many Japanese word and culture of Japan. We are very congenial. We will meet again soon somehow. So we planned to go picnic tomorrow.

【2nd day】"We went to picnic!"

We met in front of the Marble arch at noon. Then we went to Hyde park. Marin made great lunch for us. She brought for example Karaage (Japanese cuisine fried chicken ), Japanese omelette, fried rice, and caponata. Alex and Raoul brought wine, beer and chips. I brought ciders and sweets for them. It's my favorite sweets which I made it of melted chocolate, cereals, and peanuts.

We drunk from afternoon still the sun is very high.

We talked about many topics, politics, art, culture religion of each country.
We asked each other "When was the happiest time in your life" or other questions.

After that, we went to a famous Thai restaurant in London.

I love the place where we were surrounded by flowers and green plants.
The dinner tasted very good and cost not expensive.

On the way to Marin's favorite pub.

We drunk another beer..... no two more.

While we were talking, we noticed her birthday is following day!
We should celebrate her birthday together!! So we planned to gather in her house on the following day.

【3rd day】Marin's Birthday!!!

We cooked together very efficiently and hard!

looking delicious dinosaur
From Raoul and Alex.
Marin named him "ROLEX"

I bought a cake and we sang a birthday song for her.
She said that "It was my first time that I was celebrated by my friend on exactly her birthday like this!"
We felt happy when she looks so happy.

After lunch, we played Russian card game. Alex was born in Russia, he knows the game and he taught us. I played it very well at that time ^_^

【4th day】
We came to her house again to eat "Ochazuke" which is very famous Japanese fast dish.

【5th day】
It was last day to stay in London for Germans. We met at Borough Market and ate lunch. Then went to "TATE modern museum" We enjoyed there. We made some Joke about the arts.

We went to the Thems riverside. We found many interesting things there, e.x. Sea glass, soccer ball, clay pipes, trash and many kinds of bones. We looked for something interesting and showed each other.

We promised we will meet together again!

After that Marin should go for work. The rest of us went to british bar. We ate "fish and chips" and others. That was proper last dinner in London. We exchange our Language German and Japanese in English.

Alex and Raoul had not made any plan in London. However they enjoyed London time with us.
For me this is the best way to travel and live.

Marin and I had time at that time. I will live like that.
No plan is Best plan. If we have time and open-mind,
we can enjoy and survive anywhere in the world.

No plan is Best plan.

Thank you guys, I was noticed it from you.
The 5 days are unforgetable experience in London.

See you soon!


ShibakenTV Today's guest is Marine who I met in London meetup

Today's guest is Marine who met in London meetup.
I met her and other German guys Alex and Raoul last Monday. Then we went picnic, celebrated her birthday, and drinking beer together.

She has confident of her life and she is also very open woman.

I will ask her about her life and How does she survive London.

But sorry this talk live is in Japanese....

30. Aug 9pm〜 in Japan
30. Aug 1pm〜 in the UK and Ireland.


Alex in Boston took me to Lincoln!

I found a good pub in Boston, but excuse me actually, I wanted to use a bathroom.
When I came out from the room. A manager of the bar called me to stop "Hey where are you from?".
He looked my big backpack. He treated a can of beer and a shot to me.

At the pub, I met Alex. He started to talk in Japanese, I didn't expect it at all. Surprisingly he studies Japanese. I talked with him and his friends about Japan, and referendum.

I told them that I travelled by hitchhiking and sleeping on the bench. Then Alex was surprised and he invited me to his house for the night. I thanked him very much. His house is very organised and clean! He allowed me to use his brother's bed. I slept very well at the night. He played music very well. I heard his guitar and voice. That was awesome. 

Following day, Alex made breakfast (Chicken omelette) for me. You can see the picture

He should go to cut his hair to Lincoln. He asked me to come with him to there. My answer is always "Yes Thank you!"

I walked around Lincoln all day with my camera.
Alex introduced his friend George to me. He is a documentary cameraman. He went to a small village in China to make a movie by only himself! I will watch his movie someday.

Alex told me that he want to come to Japan someday, I welcome him always.
Thank you Alex, for the amazing time in Boston and Lincoln.


I support a beautiful village's magazine in English

This project is that an American lady living in a small village, Japan will make a magazine of her village Sekikawa where is in Niigata prefecture Japan.

There are a lot of information in English about "TOKYO" or cultures for example "Pokemon" or cartoons. 

However, I think more interesting things in Japan is "Local area's living"
The only few foreigners know how beautiful Japanese local area is.

Local people lives more sustainable than people who lives in a city.
All people will notice about it someday.

I have been in Sekikawa village twice.
I love the people, landscape, and culture there.

I think Japanese local area is hope for future.
It's important for us to introduce it in English.

This is the first magazine.

I know these projects are most of the time hard to monetise.
So  I decide to support it. Unfortunately, the site is in Japanese,
but if you are interested in the project please look this site. 


I will talk about European referendums which I did fieldwork.

I came back to Japan 2nd Dec.
While I'm in Japan I will speak about the referendums which I saw with my eyes.

I got the first chance to speak it for public on 20th Nov in Osaka.

I stay in Japan until the end of February. I will make a chance like this event many times.


Theater Seven Premium Talk.
"North, South, East and West"

What is the Event?

The press and expression are getting more self-restraint unfortunately in recent years in Japan. So we should counter against self-restraint. The event doesn't have any taboo. Hajime Imai, who is Journalist, invite guests and talk about topics which suit for guests, for example, Politics, Economics, Culture, Entertainment, Social problems, or Media.

No, 19 Kentaro Oshiba (Journalist)

Since 2012, He reported about referendums which held in Lithuania, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Scotland and the UK. In this 5 years, he saw historical referendums about Nuclear Independent or Leaving from the EU. Japanese will face the first referendum to change the constitution. We should start talking about direct democracy (referendum), not only indirect (election) one.

more info (In Japanese)


Thank you for staying there 5 years to declare "Antinuclear" in the center of Tokyo.


Tokyo District Court officials on Sunday removed activists’ tents from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, five years after they initiated protests against the government’s handling of the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

My friend wrote an article about the news. He said "Anti-nuclear activity changed nothing, they should do other positive things like supporting renewable energy.

I can't agree his opinion.

This is the famous saying. The antinuclear action is like if your neighbour's house is on fire. It's very important to build a fireproof building but you can manage to put out.

Both activities are important.

In Japan, even Fukushima is not under control. Our government wants to make a new nuclear power plant. I make a sound against nuclear.

However, some people think that "Instead of antinuclear activity, you should look your life over again. You can live more energy saving. you should take care of you at first."
I don't say "Energy saving is not important." but you can't reach to nuclear-free society.
Everyone has a role like Fireman, Builder, Architect.
Everyone has a role. Some people like to do an Anti-nuclear activity.
Some people like making renewable energy. Some like low energy life.
This is their choice.

I believe the activity to change the world should be diversity.

 I appreciate your activity. I've been the tent several times. Thank you for staying there 5 years to declare "Antinuclear" in the center of Tokyo.


Japanese citizens need to realize the power themselves.

the referendum on the recommunalization of the energy supply 2013 in Berlin

A referendum causes problems but...

I have seen the referendum in Lithuania, Bulgaria, Berlin, Switzer, Scotland and the UK.
I reported referendum from Osaka, Yonaguni-island and others in Japan as well.

Now Japanese are scared of a referendum in nationwide because while referendum campaign, the government and some media may report propaganda. People can spread a false rumor. A referendum may divide people in Japan. It may happen low-turnout.

I can say. Your forecast is right.

These problems happened in other countries, so it must happen if a referendum holds in Japan.

A referendum caused many problems, but it doesn't mean we should stop using referendum.

We can reduce these problems and a referendum is only way which people can decide by democratically.

Japanese citizens need to realize the power themselves.

The Scottish referendum of Independent from the UK was two years ago.
Scotland didn't independent at that time, but Scottish people don't give up at all. They know the power of people. They felt the power of the vote.

Japan has never done a referendum in a nation wide. The government plan to change our constitution. Government's constitutional amendment idea is just terrible. We should not change our constitution to theirs.
However, I'm sure we should do a referendum and we will reselect our constitution.

Now our constitutions is too common, we haven't realized how important our constitution, how fragile it.

Nowadays, the Japanese citizens' main movement is that how they can stop the referendum of the constitutional amendment but I think a more important thing is how to reselect our constitution when we face the referendum.

Changing constitution or not, either way, finally, we can get our real constitution. In the referendum, Japanese people can realize how big power we have. Voting can influence our life.


Another guy had woken up me following day in Boston.

Following day which I was woken by Lithuanian guy, Polish guy woke me up just like yesterday. He had finished work. On the way to home, he found me. I had not been surprised. It's maybe usual in Boston.

He asked me "Are you alright? Why do you sleep here? I can introduce job and flat for you.". He took me to his shelter but I noticed that this was just a garbage room.

He told me "Here is warm and no worries about rain. I recommend you better to sleep here than outside."

I thought that someone had slept there. It had been so cold in winter, they took wallpapers  off and laid it to keep warm.

I thanked him but I don't want sleep there because it seemed like trespassing.
I trusted him but just in case, the room is so small if he attacks me, I can't run away.
I didn't show my phone or camera.

These photos were taken after he went back his home.

Before he leaving, he gave me a can of Polish beer and "Good Night"

He told me that many times.
"I'm strong, and I need to be stronger, You too."
He is proud of Polish, he wore T-shirt written "Polish"
I think he felt a lot of pressure of living in Boston.
So that's why he tried to help me even he is not rich or strong.

They help their friends but they fight against others.

Anyway, thank you very much for helping me Polish guy.

I met 2 Lithuanian guy in Boston UK

The first night in Boston. I found a bench seemed good in front of a supermarket.
I fell asleep on midnight.

Suddenly someone shook my shoulder. I was taken aback by them.
Two young guys stood in front of me.

It was still late night. I didn't understand what happened.

They asked me "Why do you sleep here?"
They were looks very drunk and their English was not very good.
It was hard to understand easily.

I answered " I travel around the UK."

Guy "But why do you sleep outside?"

"It's not interesting to sleep hotel for me."

Guy "???.... Are you homeless?"

"Umm. Yeah right, kind of homeless now."

Guy "I can find a job and Home for you. You should work."

"Thank you but I"m traveling now."

Guy "But Why do you sleep here?"

They asked me same questions. I politely explained my job, and why I came to Boston.

Then they invited me for drinking.

I was at a loss what to do but I accepted their invitation.

Their name is Lukas and Edgaras who are from Lithuania.

We went to ASDA nearby the city.

Ed was too drunk, so a security man got him out of the supermarket.

Lukas bought beer for us. Their favorite is Corona.

They are 19 years old. They came to Boston for work.
Lukas's girlfriend came to us then we drunk together and played together!

Thank you, Lukas! This was really fun.

When we drunk, two policemen came to us. They misunderstood that we were dangerous people. We were crazy at that time, but not dangerous. Policemen asked us to show our ID. They told us to throw away beer because it's illegal to drink alcohol in public place. The policemen checked our ID and they went back. They saw our broken bin which we had thrown away. They told us to clean up here. I felt jumpy.

About 5 AM, Many people got into the buses to work at farm or factory. Lukas and Ed usually go to work like them. Some of the workers work overnight.

It became lighter, Lukas, his girlfriend and Ed went back their home.

Thank you for taking me for drinking. I enjoyed very much.
I cleaned up bins and other trashes around the bench, then I went to back to the city.


How is the most pro Brexit city Boston.

Boston is surrounded by huge fields. Lincolnshire, where Boston is in is known for farming.

Since I entered Boston, I couldn't hear any English on the street.
I could see neither Asian nor African.

Non-English people played in the park.

The sign is written in many languages. I saw many signs for tourists in other cities but it is not for tourists.

Every Saturday open market in front of the church.

Boston is home to the highest concentration of EU migrants after London. In the period between 2004 and 2014, the migrant population increased by 460 per cent. Of the 64,000 people now living in the borough (some officials believe the real figure could be 10,000 more), about 12 per cent were born in EU countries.

Boston is tidy cosy city in Lincolnshire.
There are a church, beautiful river, and market. The old people drink beer in the pub from the morning. They smiled me when our eyes met.

I saw many fatty people, which means that Boston is not very rich city.

The city is nothing special but, there are so many immigrants.
They come to Boston to work as a farmer or worker at a manufacturer.


I will sell my bicycle which anyone need.

I will sell my bicycle because I will leave London as soon as possible.

I have used it only 1 month.

I bought it 75£ and 35£ for ABUS rock.

The bicycle has a carrier, it's very convenient I used to use it for shopping or water bottle.

In London, you can get easily anywhere you want to go by any transportation.
In my opinion, the bicycle is the best way to move around London.
It's free for transportation.
There are lots of traffic jam which is nothing problem for cyclists.
We don't need any waiting time just ride and go, good for exercise.

I must say, the bicycle's gear is out of order, but it isn't a problem to move around London.
London is almost flat city.

I will sell it for 99£ but I can reduce it for my blog readers.

I can give you 75£ or less. If you interested in it.
Please tell me.

I can bring it for you anywhere in the Britain island.

Thank you very much.


When I got up today, an orange and a bar were by my head.

When I got up today, an orange and a bar were by my head.
I didn't notice at all.

Totally anonymous did.
I think people who finished work, or before starts work in the early morning.

I slept beside the street where people pass to work.

Last night I rock my backpack at an iron prop.
I wore wallet and phone.
I felt bit fear when I sleep outside.

However, someone left an orange and a bar for me.
They could steal from me because I haven't never noticed at all.

I shocked more than glad.

Actually, I didn't have any good image about Boston.
Only I thought 75% of British in Boston voted "Leave the EU"
However, now I love Boston.


From Lancaster, surprisingly a Japanese woman took me to next city.  I didn't expect at all that Japanese people drove me to another city in this travel. I asked many things in Japanese, She is Tomoko. She works as an interpreter also a designer over 20 years in this area. You can see what she does here. http://mrsalderson.co.uk/

Her son will come to Japan this year. She was also interested my Journey by hitchhiking and sleeping in a park. She bought my dinner and desert at a supermarket. Thank you very much.

After her, Young guy who is 18years old took me a little bit to next petrol station.

After him, another English guy found me. I would go to Leeds at that day, fortunately, He was heading to Leeds where his friend lives in! His name is Grant. He worked as a teacher in Vietnam. At that time, he was in the summer vacation so he travelled the UK. He was interested in referendum and politics. We talked about it very much. He voted "Remain" at last EU referendum.

He thinks that the people who voted "leave" were not enough informed. If they knew real information, they would not vote "Leave". For example, if the UK leave the EU, they should still accept the immigrants. He drove me to Leeds city center and kindly he told me how to get the main street and next suggestion hitchhiking point.

Leeds was decorated for "Leeds pride" sexual minority parade.

Some people wore list band of the event.

I walked out from city center.

At the night, I found a good pub which has a beer garden.
I slept on a bench at the beer garden. it's secret!)

I woke up and I walked to find a good place for hitchhiking.

A Black Donkey and A White Horse

At the cafe, I met a Tim, he manages a transportation industry and drives a lorry as well.

He voted "Leave" for last EU referendum.
This lorries came from Bulgaria.

Tim told me that " I should receive 1.4 £ per mile in Britain, but for example, Bulgarian company can transport only 80 pence per mile because low personnel expense, low price lorry, and low price insurance. If they come to the UK more, I can't run my business. Moreover, they don't get used to driving a lorry and left side driving. That caused a lot of car accidents. Insurance is very complicated if an accident happens British one and Bulgarian. Do you know what I mean? I rally hope it will change better by leaving EU."

Tony who I met at the cafe took me to the Boston where is my last destination!

The huge fields spread around Boston.
I always feel exciting and bit fear to meet new town. 

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