Alex in Boston took me to Lincoln!

I found a good pub in Boston, but excuse me actually, I wanted to use a bathroom.
When I came out from the room. A manager of the bar called me to stop "Hey where are you from?".
He looked my big backpack. He treated a can of beer and a shot to me.

At the pub, I met Alex. He started to talk in Japanese, I didn't expect it at all. Surprisingly he studies Japanese. I talked with him and his friends about Japan, and referendum.

I told them that I travelled by hitchhiking and sleeping on the bench. Then Alex was surprised and he invited me to his house for the night. I thanked him very much. His house is very organised and clean! He allowed me to use his brother's bed. I slept very well at the night. He played music very well. I heard his guitar and voice. That was awesome. 

Following day, Alex made breakfast (Chicken omelette) for me. You can see the picture

He should go to cut his hair to Lincoln. He asked me to come with him to there. My answer is always "Yes Thank you!"

I walked around Lincoln all day with my camera.
Alex introduced his friend George to me. He is a documentary cameraman. He went to a small village in China to make a movie by only himself! I will watch his movie someday.

Alex told me that he want to come to Japan someday, I welcome him always.
Thank you Alex, for the amazing time in Boston and Lincoln.

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