From Glasgow to Edinburgh

Beautiful saltire in the sky.
From Glasgow to Edinburgh

I met a Japanese lady named Chica who lives in Edinburgh. She talked to me about Scottish life and influence about Brexit. She recommended me to go to Indy camp in front of the Scottish parliament. Another man told me about it too. So I visited there.

Another purpose to come to Edinburgh is meeting Demi.

She was very busy at that time, but she spent time for me. I was so happy to meet her again. I couldn't make success the report about Scottish referendum without her. Thank you very much again.

I have friends who I really miss. I have the place I want to visit again.

I have already traveled for 3 weeks. I booked a hostel first time. The hostel "Container Hostel" is the cheapest in Edinburgh. It cost only 11£.

I haven't taken a shower for 3 days. My beard was grown up.
I took a shower, and I shaved my face. I should prepare for next Hitchhike.

I wrote blogs, I charged batteries for a camera, phone, laptop.

At last, I should check out 11am, but I left there at 3pm.

So sorry about that. Anyway, Everything has done!
Let's go next city where never knows!

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