I support a beautiful village's magazine in English

This project is that an American lady living in a small village, Japan will make a magazine of her village Sekikawa where is in Niigata prefecture Japan.

There are a lot of information in English about "TOKYO" or cultures for example "Pokemon" or cartoons. 

However, I think more interesting things in Japan is "Local area's living"
The only few foreigners know how beautiful Japanese local area is.

Local people lives more sustainable than people who lives in a city.
All people will notice about it someday.

I have been in Sekikawa village twice.
I love the people, landscape, and culture there.

I think Japanese local area is hope for future.
It's important for us to introduce it in English.

This is the first magazine.

I know these projects are most of the time hard to monetise.
So  I decide to support it. Unfortunately, the site is in Japanese,
but if you are interested in the project please look this site. 

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