I will sell my bicycle which anyone need.

I will sell my bicycle because I will leave London as soon as possible.

I have used it only 1 month.

I bought it 75£ and 35£ for ABUS rock.

The bicycle has a carrier, it's very convenient I used to use it for shopping or water bottle.

In London, you can get easily anywhere you want to go by any transportation.
In my opinion, the bicycle is the best way to move around London.
It's free for transportation.
There are lots of traffic jam which is nothing problem for cyclists.
We don't need any waiting time just ride and go, good for exercise.

I must say, the bicycle's gear is out of order, but it isn't a problem to move around London.
London is almost flat city.

I will sell it for 99£ but I can reduce it for my blog readers.

I can give you 75£ or less. If you interested in it.
Please tell me.

I can bring it for you anywhere in the Britain island.

Thank you very much.

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