I like this movie.
I will show you with text.


What voters really think

First lady.
there's nothing racist about wanting to leaving the EU.
 you know foreigners by definition, have got more chance of having AIDS or being criminal or both.

Next man.
I’m voting in coz if leave the European table, who is gonna take a seat ISIS that's who.

Next man
If we vote stay, I'm gonna leave, (and where will you go)
I don’t know, probably somewhere in Europe innit.

Next man
My name is John, I live in Surry, I'll be voting remain, If there is one thing that WW1 and WW2 taught us, is this, Give the german what they want.

In none English. 
Fucking foreigners come over here. take all our jobs and claim all our benefits, I'm voting out I want my country back.

The other thing is that we are an ageing generation so when you are 95, do you wanna be looked after young stunner from the south France.  think about it.

If it goes down to a draw, does it end in penalties 


Due to European quotas, we have to burn 100 sheep every night. it was heartbreaking at first, but It’s become a major tourist attraction especially and rather ironically with the Europeans. I'm voting to remain.

The EU referendum resulted in a tie.
The prime minister declared that the referendum will be decided with a penalty shootout.
the Brexit camp will be at the slightly disadvantage of only drawing from British players.

if we do end up staying in the EU, I just want there to be AIDS test in Heathrow. and some of them sniffer dogs that just sniff out the jihadists.

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