Ken's monthly report Aug 2016 "I express more, write more."

It's already 2 weeks past since I left London.
I travel by hitchhiking and sleep on the street or the park

I go where I want to go.
I meet people who I want to meet.

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbertさん(@jshphotog)が投稿した動画 -

I should change something.

I should change something if I want to keep this lifestyle.
That is to say, I get money through traveling.

I don't know how, but maybe the way is something I will change little by little or I should break my fundamental life, and build it again. It may be both.

Anyway, my Pound is almost gone, and Euro which I earned in Ireland is not enough to survive rest of my travel until November.

I can save money to travel by hitchhiking and sleeping in the park. However, the expense is obviously much more than income.

I can earn money by part-time job what I did in Japan, U.S, or Ireland.
Each job was worth doing and fun. However, I killed my time and freedom for money.
I don't regret at all but I will not do this type of part time job anymore.

I will work for freedom and my expression.


Travel represents my freedom.
This blog represents my expression.

I will improve both of them.
Then someday I can get money from those things.
I believe it.
I feel enough freedom in my life, but not enough expression yet.

I thought that experience something is more important express what I did or felt because an experience is just at the time, but I can express it anytime.

However, I couldn't catch up my experience. I'm leaving Edinburgh now, but my blog is in England yet!!

I decided it.

This summer I express more, write more.



I travelled the UK.
London, Canterbury, Oxford, Sheffield, Leads, Glasgow, Edinburgh.


No plan. Maybe I will visit Spain, Italy, or Germany.


17th My friend Wedding party in Berlin.


No plan.


1st, I come back Japan for a while.

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