No plan is Best plan with German

【1st day】" Can you understand Japanese?"
Last Monday, I met these guys Raoul, Alex, and Marin (left to right in the picture)
Raoul and Alex are German, they come to London for sightseeing but they didn't have any plan in London. Marin who works in London is Japanese.  We went another "meet up" It was not enough time to speak. Raoul and Alex are very intelligent and open-minded. They know many Japanese word and culture of Japan. We are very congenial. We will meet again soon somehow. So we planned to go picnic tomorrow.

【2nd day】"We went to picnic!"

We met in front of the Marble arch at noon. Then we went to Hyde park. Marin made great lunch for us. She brought for example Karaage (Japanese cuisine fried chicken ), Japanese omelette, fried rice, and caponata. Alex and Raoul brought wine, beer and chips. I brought ciders and sweets for them. It's my favorite sweets which I made it of melted chocolate, cereals, and peanuts.

We drunk from afternoon still the sun is very high.

We talked about many topics, politics, art, culture religion of each country.
We asked each other "When was the happiest time in your life" or other questions.

After that, we went to a famous Thai restaurant in London.

I love the place where we were surrounded by flowers and green plants.
The dinner tasted very good and cost not expensive.

On the way to Marin's favorite pub.

We drunk another beer..... no two more.

While we were talking, we noticed her birthday is following day!
We should celebrate her birthday together!! So we planned to gather in her house on the following day.

【3rd day】Marin's Birthday!!!

We cooked together very efficiently and hard!

looking delicious dinosaur
From Raoul and Alex.
Marin named him "ROLEX"

I bought a cake and we sang a birthday song for her.
She said that "It was my first time that I was celebrated by my friend on exactly her birthday like this!"
We felt happy when she looks so happy.

After lunch, we played Russian card game. Alex was born in Russia, he knows the game and he taught us. I played it very well at that time ^_^

【4th day】
We came to her house again to eat "Ochazuke" which is very famous Japanese fast dish.

【5th day】
It was last day to stay in London for Germans. We met at Borough Market and ate lunch. Then went to "TATE modern museum" We enjoyed there. We made some Joke about the arts.

We went to the Thems riverside. We found many interesting things there, e.x. Sea glass, soccer ball, clay pipes, trash and many kinds of bones. We looked for something interesting and showed each other.

We promised we will meet together again!

After that Marin should go for work. The rest of us went to british bar. We ate "fish and chips" and others. That was proper last dinner in London. We exchange our Language German and Japanese in English.

Alex and Raoul had not made any plan in London. However they enjoyed London time with us.
For me this is the best way to travel and live.

Marin and I had time at that time. I will live like that.
No plan is Best plan. If we have time and open-mind,
we can enjoy and survive anywhere in the world.

No plan is Best plan.

Thank you guys, I was noticed it from you.
The 5 days are unforgetable experience in London.

See you soon!

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