Thank you for staying there 5 years to declare "Antinuclear" in the center of Tokyo.


Tokyo District Court officials on Sunday removed activists’ tents from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, five years after they initiated protests against the government’s handling of the Fukushima nuclear crisis.

My friend wrote an article about the news. He said "Anti-nuclear activity changed nothing, they should do other positive things like supporting renewable energy.

I can't agree his opinion.

This is the famous saying. The antinuclear action is like if your neighbour's house is on fire. It's very important to build a fireproof building but you can manage to put out.

Both activities are important.

In Japan, even Fukushima is not under control. Our government wants to make a new nuclear power plant. I make a sound against nuclear.

However, some people think that "Instead of antinuclear activity, you should look your life over again. You can live more energy saving. you should take care of you at first."
I don't say "Energy saving is not important." but you can't reach to nuclear-free society.
Everyone has a role like Fireman, Builder, Architect.
Everyone has a role. Some people like to do an Anti-nuclear activity.
Some people like making renewable energy. Some like low energy life.
This is their choice.

I believe the activity to change the world should be diversity.

 I appreciate your activity. I've been the tent several times. Thank you for staying there 5 years to declare "Antinuclear" in the center of Tokyo.

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