Catalonia to hold independence referendum next year.


Catalonia will hold a referendum on independence from Spain next year whether or not the central government in Madrid agrees to one, the region's head Carles Puigdemont said on Wednesday.

Puigdemont told the Catalan parliament that he was willing to discuss the terms of a referendum with Madrid, which has steadfastly opposed any such vote in the northeastern region, but that otherwise he would hold one next September.(Reuters)

In Catalonia, They have done an unofficial referendum already in 2014, at that time, 80% people are positive for independence. Catalonia has a history of oppression from Spain. In additional, recently there is the unequal distribution of wealth. Spain should solve the problem at first, before claiming that the independence referendum is unconstitutional.

UK's former prime minister Cameron accepted the Scottish referendum in 2014, then he did a "remaining campaign" at last remain side won.

Spain should also accept the referendum like the UK, then Spanish government argues confidently "Why should Catalonia stay in Spain." This is a valid way to solve the Catalan independence movement. Otherwise, Catalan's problem grows every year.


5 thing when I feel Happy to live in Berlin.

I feel Happy to stay in Berlin more than in other cities. Why?

1, I see a lot of Arts on the street.

There are many Arts here in Berlin. We can live without arts or expression biologically, but we need something feeling free. I feel the energy of human living. I know for some people it's annoyance. I love Berlin because the bicycle is floating in the air. 

Now I noticed I took only bicycles photo, I'm sure I love bicycles.

2, Surrounded by Flowers, Park and Green.

Fundamentally German love nature. They need it, like forest flowers and park. I think for Japanese, these things are an additional luxury. For example, There is big kind of forest nearby Brandenburg gate. Even though the diversity of plants in Japan is more than Germany, Nature is much more common value for German than Japanese.

3, Crossing Race, History and Culture.

Not like as much as London, but Berlin is also a big multiracial city. Berlin was divided East and West till 1990. The cultures are mixed. I can find very old things and new things at the same time. In Germany, people use old things and buildings gladly, when something broke then repair it. Berlin is also very Historical city where destroyed in the WW2, there is Berliner wall symbolized cold war. After 1990 Berlin has constructed again. I'm sure the most interesting days has already finished but still I feel the energy of making new history and people. 

4, Organic Fairtrade Vegetarian Antinuclear Friendly.

I was so surprised at the first time when I came to Germany 3 years ago. There are amazing delicious "Bio" foods everywhere. Bio means Organic. Additionally, these products are not very expensive. In Japan, I can find organic foods particular place, but it's not common like Germany, and it costs much more than usual. Not only organic, there are Fairtrade or Local products. I'm proud of me being able to buy these products. I buy it not only the things but also the story of things. I believe we need the change the way for more sustainable and fair for anyone.

By the way, Berlin is ranked #1 for the vegan-friendly city in the world in the vegan and vegetarian site "HappyCow" I agree there are so many restaurants for not only vegetarians bur also Vegan.

I love German political stance. They will stop using Nuclear power plant. They put the minimum wage. They accepted a million refugees (It's not supported by people), but still I'm encouraged by their decision. I think it's a responsibility of developed countries but Japan accepts just few refugees. I feel ashamed of Japanese politic.

5, Very cheap and good quality Beer and Wine. 

In a supermarket, I can buy a bottle of good quality of beer for only 1 euro. I bought a bio wine yesterday, It cost only 4 euros. Unbelievable!!! These days, I drink not so much but still, I want to drink sometime, then the price makes me happy.

In additional, in Japan, "all you can drink" set menu is very common. If I will take part in a normal drinking party, usually I have to order for "All you can drink" menu. The system waste money and drinks. I hate this system.

My travel may finish in Germany, now I'm thinking about it in Berlin.

You can find easily Vegan Vegetarian friendly restaurant here.

When you travel new city, sometimes it's hard to find Vegan or Vegetarian-friendly restaurant. Especially Its really hard to find in Japan.

There is my recommending restaurant "AIN SOPH" Always I take my friends who are vegetarian or Vegan to the restaurant.

The site informs you a vegetarian-friendly restaurant in the world. It's really useful for me and maybe for you too. I was surprised that Berlin is the top city for Vegan now. As I remember there are a lot of vegetarian and Vegan shops. It makes me happy to stay here in Berlin.


I still love Germany.

I can't live without passion.
I will follow my ideal.
I can't give up.
I want to feel happy.
I have a friend who I want to meet.

A morning comes every day.
I feel happy to get up in the morning as always.

I take a walk with a bottle of beer in the evening.

I live in Berlin now. It is almost like a dream.
I don't do anything special.

I live in Berlin, I live in Germany. These make me happy.

I still love Germany.

When I walk outside, I can see a lot of arts on the way.
In the Restaurant or park, there are colourful flowers anywhere.
There are People of all races who work lively.
Huge park where there are just grasses.
It's really easy to get cheap organic products.
Every restaurant has a vegetarian menu.
The majority of people want to stop using nuclear power.
Everything makes me alive.

3 years ago, I left Germany, because German is not useful like English. So I decided to go to another country where English is spoken.

After that, I lived in the USA, UK, Ireland. then I came back to Germany.
I have forgotten almost my German but still sounds of German is very dear to me.

I can't go forward anymore maybe, and I have come here finally.


"Good Bye Lenin!" We can tell a lie, but we can't keep telling it.

I'm really enjoying Berlin life, I watched a movie in Berlin. Because the flat where I rent is really comfortable. The building is very old looks like decades old. My flat is the highest floor. Allday sunlight shines for my room. I bought a basil plant. I think it grows up well here.

I watched the movie "Good Bye Lenin!"

In 1990, to protect his fragile mother from a fatal shock after a long coma, a young man must keep her from learning that her beloved nation of East Germany as she knew it has disappeared.
I felt how people faced the huge changing when the unification of Germany happened.

Obviously, the theme of the movie is "Lie" Alexander made lies to save her mother.

【I will tell about the story bellow】
Generally, Lie is not allowed to tell, but what have you felt when you watched the movie?

Someone tell a lie only for themselves, not for other people.
At Alex's case, it was only for himself. He wanted her mother living longer.

He can't tell lies forever. He would be a mental disorder before his mother died.

His girlfriend Lara unburdened herself the truth for his mother.
His mother did herself too just before she die.

I think people can't tell a lie rather than shouldn't do because it's impossible for people to keep telling a lie forever. 

I learned about Germany and I thought about Lie because of watching this movie.
It was fun but it's not entertainment movie for me.

I put 4 stars for the movie.



I moved to Berlin.

「No Bear until 4」

I moved to Berlin.

I stay in Berlin for one month until 20 October. I would go to Spain or other European countries (ex, Spain and Italy) but I got a big job about referendum this month so I will stay Berlin and I should write my article. I need enough time for it now. Anyway, When you come to Berlin, let me know! Before leaving I will visit my homeland Heidelberg in any case!

Ich bin in Berlin umgezogen. Deutschland ist immer noch meine träume Land für mich. Ich bin sehr sehr freudig. Ich wohne Hier für ein Monate bis 20, October danach Ich besuche die Freunde wer Ich in Heidelberg kennengelernt have. 


Galway London Berlin!

Ring of Kerry. Photo by Emiemi

Photo by Manaty

I couldn't write a blog these days.
I came back my hometown Galway, I visited my Friends, Nick, Myrthe.
I met many friends in Galway. I miss already you guys.

I left Galway yesterday, Now I'm in London, at afternoon I go to Berlin.
I slept 3 days in the car or bus, so I couldn't take a shower for 3 days.

However, I love to travel by Car or bus anyway much better than planes!


Welcome back to Galway! Hello Tomomi!

From London to Galway by bus and ferry, it was so hard way going over night.

When I arrived to Galway, I felt coming back to my home something like that.

She is a really awesome hairdresser. I love to talk to her. This is one reason to come to meet her.
Here is more information about her.

After cutting my hair, she took video of me. She asked me about London referendum and the difference of election system between Ireland and Japan.

I'm sure Single transferable vote is much more reflect the people's opinion. We should start to discuss  how we can more reflect opinions to the government.


"Join us" We rent a car to see the most beautiful stars in the world.

We went to go to travel by a rent-a-car around Ireland this Jan.
This was a great experience we enjoyed one week together!

However, unfortunately, we stayed Killarney for two nights, we couldn't see any star at that time. We will see surely to see the most beautiful star in the world while staying in Ireland.

That's why we plan another trip.

8th at noon from Galway to Dublin.
9th   Dublin to Killarney.
10th Killarney
11th Killarney
12th Wicklow to Dublin.
13th Dundalk
14th Sligo
15th Galway             September 2016.

We may pick up you anywhere in Ireland. We will enjoy driving to pick you up and please introduce your town for us. We can arrange our schedule. So let me know any idea if you want to do.

Meeting Point.
We can pick you up absolutely in Galway or Dublin. If you will join us 2,3 days. Possibly we can pick you up. Anyway, let you know when and where will you join us. We can arrange it.

How many people?
We are now 2 or 3 depends on the date.
One or two more. Basically, it's available in order of arrival.
If many people applied, we can upgrade a car.
So please feel free to ask us anything.

Where to stay?
You can choose it. You can stay in the car or book a hostel.

How much it cost?
It cost 30 Euro per day for the car.
We share the petrol fee for each.
Plus your food and hotel expenses.

Who is the member so far?
She is another planner with me.
She is very open mind and cute girl.
She is come from Osaka Japan.
Osaka is known city of humor.
She has many funny stories.

She has cutie face and voice.
I think she is a stress-relief woman.
However sometimes she makes barded remarks.
It is surprised for people who heard hers.

How to apply?
Please aply from "Contact form" in this blog.

"Pimm's" This is the best drink in the UK

I recommend you this Cocktail called Pimm's

What is Pimm's?
This is the best drink in the UK's summer!
This is very fresh and colourful cocktail. Pimm's is based on Jin.
You can make it yourself. You should prepare Pimm's bottle, lots of ice cubes, Cutting strawberries, oranges, mints, and cucumbers.

Cucumber is looked and sounded not good for a cocktail but it completely matches for it.

Usually, I used to drink only beer from first to end, but recently I try something different which my friends recommend.

I tried many drinks, but this is the best!


Ken's monthly report Sep 2016 "I enjoyed London to the full"

I would go to Ireland when I could sell bicycle as soon as possible. However not yet I couldn't sell it.

Thank you very much Makoto for allowing me to stay your flat.

In Last month August. I travelled around the UK by hitchhiking and sleeping on the bench.
I haven't finished writing it yet. I will do it before leaving here.

I traveled the UK very slowly. Then I noticed many things better.
Fast and efficient is not always good, especially while traveling.

In the UK I met many kind people and some crazy people.
When I visited in Scotland 2014, England is kind of enemy of Scotland.
I came to England with kind of the image at first (not very good preconception).

However, every English who I met are very kind, I thought very safe country to travel.
When I traveled Germany, I thought like same safe in the UK.

Especially, when I slept on the bench outside, many people asked me "Are you OK?", then some of them invited me to their houses. Some of them gave me food or fruit even money.

If I sit on the street with a small cup in the middle of Tokyo, how much I can get?
How many people asked me something. How many people shout abuse at me.

In Japan, it's forbidden to earn money without doing anything.


Do you know Pimm's? It was first time to drink it.

It's best couktail for me in my life. This is very fresh, healthy and tasty.
Fruits, mint and cucamber and based on Jin riquol.

I used to drink at first glass to last glas always beer.

Now I tried many new coctails which my friends recommended me.

I can't forget the 5 days with Alex Raoul and Marin. 


Edingburh, Kendal, Lancaster, Leeds, Boston, Chambridge, Oxford and London.


3rd From London to Galway, Ireland.
15th From Galway via London to Berlin.
17th My friend Wedding party in Berlin.


No Plan (is Best plan)


1st, I come back Japan.
I will go to Okinawa.

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