5 thing when I feel Happy to live in Berlin.

I feel Happy to stay in Berlin more than in other cities. Why?

1, I see a lot of Arts on the street.

There are many Arts here in Berlin. We can live without arts or expression biologically, but we need something feeling free. I feel the energy of human living. I know for some people it's annoyance. I love Berlin because the bicycle is floating in the air. 

Now I noticed I took only bicycles photo, I'm sure I love bicycles.

2, Surrounded by Flowers, Park and Green.

Fundamentally German love nature. They need it, like forest flowers and park. I think for Japanese, these things are an additional luxury. For example, There is big kind of forest nearby Brandenburg gate. Even though the diversity of plants in Japan is more than Germany, Nature is much more common value for German than Japanese.

3, Crossing Race, History and Culture.

Not like as much as London, but Berlin is also a big multiracial city. Berlin was divided East and West till 1990. The cultures are mixed. I can find very old things and new things at the same time. In Germany, people use old things and buildings gladly, when something broke then repair it. Berlin is also very Historical city where destroyed in the WW2, there is Berliner wall symbolized cold war. After 1990 Berlin has constructed again. I'm sure the most interesting days has already finished but still I feel the energy of making new history and people. 

4, Organic Fairtrade Vegetarian Antinuclear Friendly.

I was so surprised at the first time when I came to Germany 3 years ago. There are amazing delicious "Bio" foods everywhere. Bio means Organic. Additionally, these products are not very expensive. In Japan, I can find organic foods particular place, but it's not common like Germany, and it costs much more than usual. Not only organic, there are Fairtrade or Local products. I'm proud of me being able to buy these products. I buy it not only the things but also the story of things. I believe we need the change the way for more sustainable and fair for anyone.

By the way, Berlin is ranked #1 for the vegan-friendly city in the world in the vegan and vegetarian site "HappyCow" I agree there are so many restaurants for not only vegetarians bur also Vegan.

I love German political stance. They will stop using Nuclear power plant. They put the minimum wage. They accepted a million refugees (It's not supported by people), but still I'm encouraged by their decision. I think it's a responsibility of developed countries but Japan accepts just few refugees. I feel ashamed of Japanese politic.

5, Very cheap and good quality Beer and Wine. 

In a supermarket, I can buy a bottle of good quality of beer for only 1 euro. I bought a bio wine yesterday, It cost only 4 euros. Unbelievable!!! These days, I drink not so much but still, I want to drink sometime, then the price makes me happy.

In additional, in Japan, "all you can drink" set menu is very common. If I will take part in a normal drinking party, usually I have to order for "All you can drink" menu. The system waste money and drinks. I hate this system.

My travel may finish in Germany, now I'm thinking about it in Berlin.

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