I still love Germany.

I can't live without passion.
I will follow my ideal.
I can't give up.
I want to feel happy.
I have a friend who I want to meet.

A morning comes every day.
I feel happy to get up in the morning as always.

I take a walk with a bottle of beer in the evening.

I live in Berlin now. It is almost like a dream.
I don't do anything special.

I live in Berlin, I live in Germany. These make me happy.

I still love Germany.

When I walk outside, I can see a lot of arts on the way.
In the Restaurant or park, there are colourful flowers anywhere.
There are People of all races who work lively.
Huge park where there are just grasses.
It's really easy to get cheap organic products.
Every restaurant has a vegetarian menu.
The majority of people want to stop using nuclear power.
Everything makes me alive.

3 years ago, I left Germany, because German is not useful like English. So I decided to go to another country where English is spoken.

After that, I lived in the USA, UK, Ireland. then I came back to Germany.
I have forgotten almost my German but still sounds of German is very dear to me.

I can't go forward anymore maybe, and I have come here finally.

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