"Join us" We rent a car to see the most beautiful stars in the world.

We went to go to travel by a rent-a-car around Ireland this Jan.
This was a great experience we enjoyed one week together!

However, unfortunately, we stayed Killarney for two nights, we couldn't see any star at that time. We will see surely to see the most beautiful star in the world while staying in Ireland.

That's why we plan another trip.

8th at noon from Galway to Dublin.
9th   Dublin to Killarney.
10th Killarney
11th Killarney
12th Wicklow to Dublin.
13th Dundalk
14th Sligo
15th Galway             September 2016.

We may pick up you anywhere in Ireland. We will enjoy driving to pick you up and please introduce your town for us. We can arrange our schedule. So let me know any idea if you want to do.

Meeting Point.
We can pick you up absolutely in Galway or Dublin. If you will join us 2,3 days. Possibly we can pick you up. Anyway, let you know when and where will you join us. We can arrange it.

How many people?
We are now 2 or 3 depends on the date.
One or two more. Basically, it's available in order of arrival.
If many people applied, we can upgrade a car.
So please feel free to ask us anything.

Where to stay?
You can choose it. You can stay in the car or book a hostel.

How much it cost?
It cost 30 Euro per day for the car.
We share the petrol fee for each.
Plus your food and hotel expenses.

Who is the member so far?
She is another planner with me.
She is very open mind and cute girl.
She is come from Osaka Japan.
Osaka is known city of humor.
She has many funny stories.

She has cutie face and voice.
I think she is a stress-relief woman.
However sometimes she makes barded remarks.
It is surprised for people who heard hers.

How to apply?
Please aply from "Contact form" in this blog.

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