Vegetarian soulfood store NutCart opened up in Berlin

Vegetarian soulfood store NutCart opened up in the City West
Finally, food enthusiasts who‘d like to skip meat have a new place to go: NutCart offers creatively arranged vegetarian meal boxes in the style of Japanese bento boxes. Using fresh vegetables in combination with matching sauces and toppings, NutCart caters to those who know well that meatless meals can be anything but boring! With a side of hot soup and some matcha cookies, dining at NutCart is comforting, healthy and delicious.

Founder of NutCart wants to bring together food lovers of all religions and ethnicities
Aika Matsuda has founded NutCart in 2015 with the intention to make food that is loved by people of all origins, religions and social classes. That‘s why she offers affordable meals that are free from artificial additives, white sugar as well as any types of meat. Moreover, every item is labeled to simplify the choices of people with gluten- and/or lactose- intolerance. That way, delicious food is made available for everyone. Curious to read the weekly menu with daily-changing options? Check out www.nutcart.de/deutsch/wochenkarte !

NutCart serves „crealthy“ food for everybody
The food at NutCart follows the simple principle of being healthy and creatively arranged, and the results are„crealthy“ meals, accessible for everyone. Aika and her team sell their food boxes at multiple markets throughout Berlin, such as the weekly market at Hackescher Markt and Neuköllner Stoffmarkt. For those who want their daily portion of crealthy meals, NutCart has just opened up a store near U Kaiserdamm/ZOB in the City West. Come and stop by at Kaiserdamm 87! 
Bring your own box to reduce waste and receive a 20 cents discount. 

Kaiserdamm 87,
14057 Berlin-Charlottenburg
U-Bahn Kaiserdamm
S-Bahn Messe Nord
5 minutes by foot from central bus station (ZOB) 

Opening Hours
Mon-Fri 7:30 - 18:00
Sat, Sun, Holiday 10:00 - 16:00

Social media
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NutCart 

Written by NatCart
Photo by Kentaro Oshiba
German version, Auf Deutsch (von NatCart)

Neueröffnung: Vegetarische Wohlfühl-Küche bei NutCart am Kaiserdamm
Endlich gibt es einen neuen Treffpunkt für vegetarische Foodies: NutCart bietet kreative vegetarische Küche im Stil japanischer Bento-Boxen. Es gibt frisches saisonales Gemüse an Reis mit raffinierten Saucen und Toppings, und schnell wird klar: Vegetarisch bedeutet bei NutCart das Gegenteil von Langeweile. Dazu gibt‘s täglich wechselnde Gemüsesuppen, die vor allem jetzt in der kalten Jahreszeit gut tun und nicht nur gesund sind sondern auch lecker.

NutCart möchte Foodies aus aller Welt an einen Tisch bringen

Aika Matsuda hat NutCart 2015 gegründet mit dem Ziel Speisen zu verkaufen, die von allen Menschen geliebt werden, unabhängig von der Herkunft, Religion oder sozialer Klasse. Deshalb bietet NutCart erschwingliche Mahlzeiten frei von Zusatzstoffen, weißem Zucker sowie Tierprodukten. Alle Gerichte sind klar gekennzeichnet um es Menschen mit Unverträglichkeiten einfacher zu machen. Neugierig, welche Speisen NutCart anbietet? Die täglich wechselnden Gerichte finden Sie unter www.nutcart.de/deutsch/wochenkarte !

Bei NutCart gibt es „crealthy“ Mahlzeiten für Groß und Klein
Alle Speisen bei NutCart folgen dem einfachen Prinzip „gesund und kreativ angerichtet“. Das Resultat sind „crealthy“ (engl. „kreativ“ + „gesund“) Mahlzeiten, erschwinglich für alle. Aika und ihr Team verkaufen die Essensboxen auf Märkten innerhalb Berlins, wie dem Wochenmarkt am Hackeschen Markt und dem Neuköllner Stoffmarkt. Diejenigen, die täglich Lust auf eine leckere Essensbox haben, hat NutCart vor kurzem ein Ladengeschäft Nähe U-Bahnhof Kaiserdamm/ZOB eröffnet. Kommen Sie vorbei am Kaiserdamm 87. Diejenigen, die ihre eigene Aufbewahrungsbox von zu Hause mitbringen, werden mit einem kleinen Rabatt für ihren Umweltschutz belohnt.

Kaiserdamm 87,
14057 Berlin-Charlottenburg
U-Bahn Kaiserdamm
S-Bahn Messe Nord
5 Fußminuten vom Zentralen Omnibusbahnhof entfernt. 

Mo-Fr 7:30 - 18:00
Sa, So, Feiertage: 10:00 - 16:00

Soziale Medien:

Geschrieben von NatCart
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[Movie]Amazin Hotdog master in Bulgaria.

I lived in Bulgaria for one month in 2013. I found a professional Hotdog master. It tasted not so good, but he worked so fast and efficient.

I love to see a market, or snack bar, I felt the passion for living, eating, and desire of money, some times it's unpleasant, But I love to visit there.

This is one of the impressive parts to travel a new city.

He is such a lovely man. The movie is the most viewed in last 28 days. So I will introduce it on my blog too.


My first time to make Jack-o-Lantern.

Did you already prepare Haloween?

My friend Jens took me to his friend's house. Then I made Jack-o-Lantern for the first time.

I was so happy to make it. Japanese pumpkin is so hard to cut, but German's not. I design to make something lovely cute one because I don't like scary things like horror movie or show. After one hour I finished cutting, put candle into the pumpkin, brought to dark room......

This was so scary...!!

We enjoyed pumpkin soup, Hamburger BBQ, potato fries, Local wine, and beer!

Andreas carved Pumpkin into artistic Jack-o-Lantern.

Surprisingly He was also the first time to made it!! He has a talent, he can be a pumpkin cutting meister.


I came back to Heidelberg for one week!

Finally, I came back to Heidelberg last night!

I left loving Heideberg 3 years ago.
I learn German at the Language school in University for one year.

For me, Heidelberg is one of my hometowns.
I have bright memories for every single street there.
I miss them for a long time since I left. 

When I was in HD, after I got up I told "good morning" for my Basil and water them. 
I ride a bicycle every day to go to the school and every Sunday, we have played soccer in the professional court, but I ate lots of Beer, meats, and cheeses at that time, I became chubby. I often ate sandwiches, one of my friends called me "Mr. Sandwich".

We celebrate the new year with my friends nearby the Heidelberg castle.
With my girlfriend, I went to Christmas market on Uni platz.
In the summer, we did BBQ by Necker river.
When typhoon came to HD, with my crazy friend, we changed clothing to swimwear quickly then we danced or played jumping rope. 

I can't stop writing about Heidelberg memories.
I don't think Heidelberg is the best city to go to sightseeing. There are a beautiful mountain, castle, river, and Church. Everything is great to visit but not special for me.

Anyway, I left Germany, because I will learn English.
English is now more widespread and international language as you know.
I gave up to learn German then started English. Then I went to U.S, Ireland, England but after three years, I realize how wonderful Germany and how I love Germany. I will come back Germany again. 
I have written "why" before. 

So I stay until 1, Nov. If you are in HD too,
let me know! Grab Beer together like three years ago!
I forgot many German words but still I love to talk in German.

Ich habe lust Deutch zu sprecchen!!!


I love it at first sight Lebkuchen Box!

I visited Frank and Brigitte's house, last week. Three years ago, I came to Berlin, because of researching a referendum "re-municipalization of electricity in Berlin." At that time, they helped me very much, for example, they explained newspaper, and they took me to a polling station. I took a photo there because of them.

They invited me to the wonderful dinner. This is typical German food, Rinderrouladen and potato, and green beans. 

Frank and Brigitte support the quake and Tsunami-hit area in Japan until now. Almost every year they went to Japan and did volunteer. In Rikuzen-Takata, they helped to build community center named "Berlin House" through NPO "Kizuna Berlin".  They are also a founder of the NPO. This year "Kizuna Berlin" invited six high school students to Berlin. They enjoyed studying German NPO, Hall market, charity concert, museum, homestay and so on for one week. Frank And Brigitte attended the program. 

Before I left, they gave me Christmas sweets for me, and they also showed "Lebkuchen Box" The picture is exquisite, design is great and very sturdy. It's not just flat. Details are fine. I would say "Could you give it to me?". But I want never say it. It's so rude.

Later I I sent a photo of them and dinner, then they replied "Do you want a Lebkuchen box? We got two boxes." They asked me. I was so surprised that because I wanted them very much.

It's too big for my suitcase, but I'm really happy, I will bring them to Japan somehow. I was thinking what should I bring to Japan as a souvenir. It's the best souvenir ever I found. Thank you, very much again Frank and Brigitte.


【Pic】Dirty and Beautiful night in Berlin

Pizza "Napoli" is the best Pizza in Galway.

How Big! How Fast! How Delicious!
"Napoli"'s Pizza is the best Pizza in Galway.  Price are higher in Ireland, but these pizzas cost only 3.5€. You can choose, Tomato, Spinach, ham, mushroom and so on. The shop open until midnight. You can get it after drinking in a pub.

Pizza Pasta Napoli,
15 Cross Street Upper, Galway, Ireland
+353 91 532 806


4 years past after the Nuclear referendum in Lithuania

It was 12 hours from Japan via Helsinki to Lithuania.
Vilnius is the Capital of Lithuania. I was impressed by the Row of buildings along the streets which are recognized by world heritage. I did sightseeing but we had another purpose at that time.

He is Masa my friend who can speak English very well.
With him I interviewed people, and drunk beer together.
Shop in the Vilnius University.
Building Streets are built from the rocks.
In 2012, Lithuania decided to hold a referendum on "Constructing new Nuclear power plant in Lithuania". Therefore, the member of citizen Group "Minnade-Kimeyou-Genpatsu-Kokumintohyo(Let’s Decide Together / Citizen-initiated National Referendum on Nuclear Power)" visited Lithuania before and after voting day for about a week.

To begin with, how the referendum was agreed. There are two ways to hold a referendum. One is correcting signature over 300 thousand, but it means 11% of Lithuanian voters. It was too hard to correct. The other way is that one-fourth of a member of the Lithuanian Diet propose a referendum, then a majority of them second it.

In this referendum, is the second way, "Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union" persuade the other parties then in the latter way, the referendum happened.

"Do you agree with this referendum?"
We arrived at Lithuania, we started a questionnaire about the referendum. "Do you agree with this referendum?" We got answers from 523 Lithuanian.

Agree 293(56%)
Disagree 230(44%)

The main reason which people agree the referendum is "People should decide directly because it is too important for deciding by government or politician.

The other hand, the main reason which people don't agree the referendum is "It will make populism.". We should analyze "What is populism." It may mean Lithuanian can't choose a right way for them or They may be selfish, it's good for them but not good for Lithuanian future.

We asked Pavel who owns a company. He answered "If people is informed enough, then we can decide correctly for that government should open real information. In this referendum, there were not enough information about constructing the nuclear power plant. For example, how much cost increase if the nuclear will built, and how radiation effects for a human. We need real information of merits and demerits of the nuclear"

He told us the answer of "Populism" means that "We need to get real information. It was not enough."

Ask decide, then vote!

I believe that we Japan should hold a referendum. We have never done a referendum. We told it to Lithuanian, then they were surprised and asked us "Why"

Early voting place in Vilnius.

The polling day's night we heard Lithuanian decided their way not to build a new Nuclear plant. Following morning I looked the people who went to work from my hotel.  I realized They decided, They decided about it.

They, who met at the club, voted also.

Stop Nuclear,
The sticker is the only thing we found on the campaign.
Unfortunately, we couldn't find any for constructing new plants.

Lithuanian referendum
14th Oct, 2012
"the construction of a new nuclear power station"

Turn out 52.58%
For         35.23%
Against  64.77%

The result is the result but, every single people made the result. They got much information, thought, discussed, and went to vote.

4 years past after the Nuclear referendum. Now the government and Japanese company Hitachi want to build a new one even Lithuanian obviously against the building it. I feel so sad and ashame of Japanese company did such a rude construction. Lithuanian people don't want it, but Hitachi will build it.

Add a postscript.

A centrist agrarian party that was previously represented by a single parliamentarian has won a shock victory in Lithuanian elections.
With nearly all the results from the second round now in, the Lithuanian Peasants and Green Union (LPGU) has won nearly 40% of the seats.
The LPGU will now seek to form a coalition government.
It will do so either with the opposition Homeland Union or with the left-of-centre Social Democrats.
The campaign was dominated by issues such as low wages and how best to stem a flow of Lithuanian workers to other parts of the European Union.
The eastern European country's population is said to have shrunk to 2.9 million from 3.3 million a decade ago with an estimated 370,000 relocating mostly to the UK, since Lithuania joined the EU in 2004. (BBC)

The former ruling party wanted to build a new Nuclear power plant, but LPGU doesn't want it. Therefore the Lithuanian democracy was protected.


How much I can earn if I work at a normal company?

In Japan, for many years, there are many problems on the work, for example, overwork, Sexual harassment, Power harassment.

If Japanese don't like one's place of work. They should change the work. However, it's not really common to change the jobs and that means it's hard to do it in Japan.

I offer Japanese having possibility to change of job. I don't say "You should change the job." but I want to say, "You can change the job."

I used a site, which calculates my income. I earn about 10000$ a year now, but the site says I can earn 61700$!! not bad!

OK, I may take the job. but I want to concentrate my energy so far on writing and reading, meeting new people, history, and culture. 


A young lady suicide from overwork in Japan.

I was so sad when I read the news. I know several my friends who work so hard. I feel sometimes afraid them. A young lady did suicide from overwork. This is big news in Japan now.

She tweeted before death. She said "I don't know I live for work or I work for life. This is life"

Especially Japan is known as "overwork country" and this became a kind of culture already. We should change it otherwise, more people may be death more because of work.

Stress makes people violent. She killed herself but other people attack other weak people.

If you are in the stress, you can run away from there.

Please don't attack you or others.

Actually, I did when I was a high school student. I belonged to "Cheer club" I'm proud of that I was a member of the club but the club has very strict seniority. I felt a lot of stress on it. Then I attacked my underclass student. After I had retired the club, I realised what I did for other people. I really ashamed of it. In the club, I couldn't notice the problems but now I know it.

Please don't put yourself stressful situation or company for a long time. you will lose yourself and justice. Stress makes you violent for yourself or for other people.  

In Japan, there are a lot of people in the stressful situation. They loose their mind, justice and empathy for other people. It's hard to get away from there, but we should solve at least "overwork problem" in Japan.


"Nuclear Withdrawal" referendum in Switzerland.

4 years ago in Gneva

In Switzerland, a referendum about nuclear will be held next month. After TEPCO nuclear disaster in 2011, the federal council and parliament decided to stop using the nuclear power plants plant in 2034. However, many people want to stop earlier using nuclear power plants. They collected enough signature to apply.

Switzerland has held already 6 times about against Nuclear power plants , but these were almost rejected.

According to Swiss tendency, they don't want to build new nuclear power plant but the plants which were already built should be used to the end of expired. Anyway, it's the first time to decide the decision of Nuclear by people. I'm looking forward to what happening in the campaign and the result.

For 5 years I have claimed that Japan should hold a referendum about nuclear but still we couldn't reach it. I'm a member of the citizen group "Let’s Decide Together / Citizen-initiated National Referendum on Nuclear Power"


Are you looking for a host in Galway Ireland?

Are you looking for a host in Galway Ireland?
I recommend you Nick and Myrthe's flat.

The center of the picture is Nick, right is Myrthe and left is me. When I came back to Galway, they hosted me. 

They have the original leaflet of Galway,of course, you can ask other things to them. It's secret what's inside. I'm sure it will help you. They are awarded as a Super host by Airbnb.

Last time I came to their house they had prepared the amazing welcome board for me. I really surprised and I felt happy. Do you know the bird called Puffin? I love them very much.

I met Nick at first time in Galway when I lived in Galway, We are the language exchange friends. He invited me Home party, Rugby game, City festival and so on. We sometimes discussed politics or social problems. He is one of my friends who I respect and precious friend.

Myrthe is his partner. She is a freelance Journalist. She writes articles and takes photos. She is smart and able to design very well. She is a woman of many talents. Now she is challenging new project "A First Day." She uploads every day about something new for her on here http://www.afirstaday.com/a-first-a-day-experiment/

The room is very clean simple and organised. I'm sure that their flat is much better than any hotels. Local people knows lives of the real people who lives in Galway better than hotels. The memory of travel is made by the people who traveled together and met in the travel. Galway is amazing city to enjoy music, pubculture and other things. Nick and Myrthe help you to make good memory in Galway.

Their flat located absolutely center of Galway city. You dont need to use bus or other public transportation you can see citycenter by walk from their flat.

I hope you make good memory in Galway, I love Galway, that's why I recommend you their flat. If you stay their flat. You must enjoy Galway. 

True Heart of Galway Apartment A

Galway City, Galway, Ireland
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True Heart of Galway Apartment B

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