A young lady suicide from overwork in Japan.

I was so sad when I read the news. I know several my friends who work so hard. I feel sometimes afraid them. A young lady did suicide from overwork. This is big news in Japan now.

She tweeted before death. She said "I don't know I live for work or I work for life. This is life"

Especially Japan is known as "overwork country" and this became a kind of culture already. We should change it otherwise, more people may be death more because of work.

Stress makes people violent. She killed herself but other people attack other weak people.

If you are in the stress, you can run away from there.

Please don't attack you or others.

Actually, I did when I was a high school student. I belonged to "Cheer club" I'm proud of that I was a member of the club but the club has very strict seniority. I felt a lot of stress on it. Then I attacked my underclass student. After I had retired the club, I realised what I did for other people. I really ashamed of it. In the club, I couldn't notice the problems but now I know it.

Please don't put yourself stressful situation or company for a long time. you will lose yourself and justice. Stress makes you violent for yourself or for other people.  

In Japan, there are a lot of people in the stressful situation. They loose their mind, justice and empathy for other people. It's hard to get away from there, but we should solve at least "overwork problem" in Japan.

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