"Nuclear Withdrawal" referendum in Switzerland.

4 years ago in Gneva

In Switzerland, a referendum about nuclear will be held next month. After TEPCO nuclear disaster in 2011, the federal council and parliament decided to stop using the nuclear power plants plant in 2034. However, many people want to stop earlier using nuclear power plants. They collected enough signature to apply.

Switzerland has held already 6 times about against Nuclear power plants , but these were almost rejected.

According to Swiss tendency, they don't want to build new nuclear power plant but the plants which were already built should be used to the end of expired. Anyway, it's the first time to decide the decision of Nuclear by people. I'm looking forward to what happening in the campaign and the result.

For 5 years I have claimed that Japan should hold a referendum about nuclear but still we couldn't reach it. I'm a member of the citizen group "Let’s Decide Together / Citizen-initiated National Referendum on Nuclear Power"

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