I came back to Japan.

I came back to Japan, since December in 2015, I've been in Ireland, England, Scotland, and Germany. Now what I think "My traveling life is over." I don't have a lot of curiosity for traveling anymore. I will concentrate my energy on explaining my thought and experience. I will stay a few place where I love. I don't need many new friends. I will take more time with friends who we already knew each other.

I will stay in my house as long as possible, but I will talk my thought and experience more for public. When I got such a kind of offer, I'm quite a happy to do it.

I stay in Okinawa at first to celebrate my sister's wedding.
Then I will go to Takae and Henoko where Japanese government wants to build new U.S base.

20th Nov,

I will talk about European referendums which I did fieldwork.

31st Jan 2017
I have a ticket to Germany, but I'm not sure to use it or not.

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