”I enjoyed Germany to the full!"

From 17th Sep in Berlin then, since 21st Oct I was in Heidelberg.

In Berlin, I celebrated my friend's wedding, and I took photos of Berlin. I wrote an article about Vegetarian shop.

Vegetarian soulfood store NutCart opened up in Berlin

Every day, I met old friends, drank a beer. We talked about a variety of things. Some of them are still students, some of them are working, one of them is engaged. We don't feel long time already past, but it's sure that's true.

I think I may come back to Heidelberg soon. I also think that I may never come back again.

When I went to the canteen, Sophie was always there. she is hard worker like Japanese. lol

I did an interview with Max, who is German, wants to live in Japan. I'm Japanese, and I want to live in Germany.

Happy Haloweeeeeeen!!

I was euphoric to meet my friend's again, We lived same buildings, we shared the kitchen. We took same class at that time.

I played soccer just same like three years ago, with Chinese friends, in the same place, on same as other Sundays.

Great thanks for Jens, I always enjoyed everything with you. I'm so grateful that I have such a delightful and gentle friend like you!!!

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