I talked about "Referendum"

I talked about referendums which I interviewed. Thank you for coming to our talk live in Osaka.


He who is journalist sits by my right side. He is Hajime Imai. He taught me about the referendum and How to be a journalist. 

We talked about world's referendum trend and problems for 2 hours.
We also talked about EU referendum we interviewed there together.

We Japanese will face the first referendum in our history.
I think we should know another countries referendums and discuss it more.

My old friends came to our event. I was so happy to meet them again. I left about one year ago but, I haven't seen them for a long time. One of them is a man who picked me up on Hitchhiking. Some of them want a referendum about Nuclear power plant with me. One of them met in Ireland, who travelled around Ireland. One of them is a man who always talked about rubbish topics.

On the day only I spoke but, next time I will listen what you are doing. I was so happy to talk about referendums. Also, it is really important for recent Japanese.

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