Referendum Report Log

Report Log, All Photos by Kentaro Oshiba

Tokyo "Nuclear" referendum initiative

A public debate of "Nuclear" in Tokyo.

Osaka City "Nuclear" referendum Initiative.

They collected signatures in the cold weather.

Niigata "Nuclear" referendum Initiative

Young Ladies campaigned the Initiative.

Lithuania "Nuclear" Referendum.

Before polling day, I asked Lithuanian to go to vote.

Maki town in Niigata "New Nuclear Construction" referendum.

The centre of the picture is Sasaguchi former mayor of Maki town.

Bulgaria "Nuclear" referendum.

On the left is Against new nuclear power plant, On the other side is pro new one.

Switzerland "Revision of the fee of a Motorway."

Switzerland has referendums four times a year and each time has 3 or 4 themes.

Berlin in Germany "Reccommunalization of Berlin Nets" Referendum.

Obviously, A great number of Berliner supported Re-communalization, but the referendum failed due to insufficient voter turnout.

Schoenau in Germany"The Contract with Electric factory in Schoenau" referendum. 

With Mr.Sladek und Mrs Sladek who made every possible effort to establish The electronic factory in Schoenau.

Iga city in Mie prefecture "Maintenance City Hall" referendum.

They set the minimum turnout for 50% then people gave up at the beginning.

Scotland "Independent" referendum.
Many Scots wanted to independent from the UK, Looking just like Independent but they decided to remain. The picture is the day before polling day in Glasgow.

Yonaguni town in Okinawa "Constructing new Japanese base" referendum.

It was too late to hold a referendum, Already Constructing started.

Osaka city "Metropolis plan" referendum.

The plan was rejected by a very narrow margin.

Yawatahama City "Nuclear" referendum.

One-third people in Yawatahama wanted to hold a referendum but, a town assembly rejected citizens petition. The politician should step down from the Assembly because they don't want to listen to people's voice.

Tokorozawa "Installing Air conditioners for Elementary school" referendum.

Iruma City where is next to Tokorozawa had a Japanese self-defence army base. Some of Elementary schools are too loud to study, so they have to close the windows it will be very hot in summer. They need Air-conditioners. Majority people supported for installing it for Elementary school.

Ireland "Same-Sex-Marriage" referendum.

The first referendum of "Same Sex maridge" in the world. Even Ireland is a strongly Catholic country, Irish people improved Minority rights.

The UK "Brexit" referendum.

Only a few people expected the result, but it happened. Majority UK people want to leave the EU. Remainer did a demonstration on the weekend after the referendum, but unfortunately, it was too late.

Presidential Election in U.S.A.
Hillary's speech in Iowa states.

Taiwan "Sunflower movement." 

Takae Okinawa election "Constructing New helipad."
One of them was against the helipad, and the other admit it. The result is that People accept the helipad won. Now in Takae, the constructing it by force even local residents strongly against it.

28th Nov. 2016

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