Public discussion about the rule of the referendum in nationwide Japan.

Open discussion about the rule of the referendum in nationwide Japan.

On 12th Dec, The public discussion was held in the member's hall of the House of Councilors. I took part in it. Hajime Imai has appealed necessity of improving the raw for a referendum. The journalist, doctors, movie director, professors about of media or law, the member of the House of Councilors discussed how we should improve the referendum law.

Japan has very strict law, particularly for the election. For example, under the existing law, people can't visit from door-to-door for the election but, for a referendum, people can do it. That is to say, a referendum law is much better than the election law.

However, the law has still some problems. At first, we should put the limit how much people or political party can use the money for the campaign. Under the existing law, No one can broadcast the campaign commercial on a TV for 14days before the polling day. However, until 15days before, there is no limit spending money or commercial on the TV.

We should preserve freedom of expression, but we should also retain fairness for each side. So we should avoid the result influenced by spending how much money. We require the limits how much people or political parties allow to spend money like the UK. For example, Conservative can spend 7m pounds, labour 5.5m which limits depend on the proportion of last voters polled.

TV commercials are allowed until 15days before the polling day, but advertisements on the internet are no regulation.

Open discussion was held about the rule of the referendum in nationwide Japan. At that time, in 2007, when the referendum law was passed, the politician doesn't care about the internet well. Nowadays, commercial on the internet are even more important than TV. We also require a regulation for it.

Some Japanese think that we need many people's concern to change our constitution. Therefore, they need minimum voting rate. However, the minimum voting rate may cause boycott. We must avoid a boycott at least.

A member of the House of Councillors Mitsuru Sakurai promised us to submit our requirement to the diet with other politicians.

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