I will talk about referendums in Kunitachi Tokyo on 26th Jan 2018.

I will talk about referendums in Kunitachi Tokyo on 26th Jan 2018.

I believe a referendum is not for making a right decision, just for the way to decide. There is no answer for everybody, so we need to decide somehow. Usually, politicians do this, but important decisions should be made by people directly.

Many Japanese are afraid of the power of propaganda, media and people. I know their fear but, we will face a referendum either way. Japanese have never done in their history, but the referendums were held already over 2500.


Yoshimi is on TV in Japan! about Japanese restaurant WA CAFE in Galway.

"Yoshimi is on TV in Japan! about Japanese restaurant WA CAFE in Galway."
sorry, it's only in Japanese.

Yoshimi, who helped me so much on Galway Ireland, featured a TV program "Why does a Japanese live there?"

I don't like at all the scenario which describe a Japanese restaurant owned Chinese as "strange Japanese food". I never agree with there commentator. Japanese food is not only for Japanese. I believe anyone can arrange as they like. For example, Japanese eat pasta or pizza with Tabasco, it's not the original style in Italia but its Japanese style.

Anyway, the TV shows Yoshimi's hard work, dexterity, delicious original Japanese food and be loved in Galway.

I've been in Ireland 2015 with working holiday visa. At first, I travelled around Ireland with friends by renting a car. Then I found the best town for me, Galway. I moved to Galway, but I couldn't find a job there. I thought "Maybe I should go back to Dublin to find Job..." at that time, Yoshimi asked me to work on WA-CAFE. She saved my Galway life!!

She doesn't only offering the job but found the room for me, took me to the pub, introduce her friends to me. I can't imagine Galway life without her both officially and privately.

I still respect Yoshimi leading Japanese restaurant in Ireland. Please take yourself too not only shop and food.


Discussion about article 9 among people who will not change the principle of article 9.

Discussion about article 9 among people who will not change the principle of article 9.

Japanese first referendum becomes closer and closer. Then the discussion will be more open to the public.

In this book, the interviewer asked Journalist, Dr, movie director and politicians how do we keep the principle of article 9 not discuss whether to change the constitution.

ARTICLE 9. (1) Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.(2) In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized.

According to the constitution, Japan should not have anything war potential but, everyone knows we have it named self-defence-forces and Charter of the UN allows to have the right of individual or collective self-defence. 


Article 51
Nothing in the present Charter shall impair the inherent right of individual or collective self-defence if an armed attack occurs against a Member of the United Nations, until the Security Council has taken measures necessary to maintain international peace and security. Measures taken by Members in the exercise of this right of self-defence shall be immediately reported to the Security Council and shall not in any way affect the authority and responsibility of the Security Council under the present Charter to take at any time such action as it deems necessary in order to maintain or restore international peace and security.

Japanese need to discuss these Japanese contradictions. There is no right answer, we should construct the discussion and decide what the most important thing for Japan is.

Personally, I think we should not change the article 9. We need dissolve SDF gradually according to article 9. SDF is a violation of the constitution. I agree that if article 9 will be amended to strictly not allowed to fight in foreign countries.

Sorry, the book is written by only in Japanese.


My 50,000 JPY turn into 320,000 JPY through bitcoin.

My friend Jens taught me about BitCoin in May this year. I thought "OK. It's worth a try" I spent  50000 JPY to Bitcoin. Then, I was surprised that "My 50,000 JPY turn into 320,000 JPY."

I don't expect that at all. I bought it to settle when I go abroad or anywhere. I prefer the cashless society, but Creditcard will cost for the retail stores, I can't ignore it. If I use bitcoin, it's satisfied by not only me but them too.

I bought bitcoin also on reserve. I have some USD, EUR, and other currency just in case. I think the bitcoin is perfect for speculation so far because the price is getting higher and higher.

bitFlyer ビットコインを始めるなら安心・安全な取引所で
If you start bitcoin in Japan, I recommend you bitFlyer which you can use the site in English and easy to start.


German Comedy "Knallerfrauen"

When I studied in Germany, I watched the comedy "Knallerfrauen" every week. "Knaller" means banger, hot or crazy. "Frauen" means woman. So that's it.

Some movie that you can enjoy, even if you don't understand German. Some movie has English subtitles.

The first time, I watched her, I didn't like her so much, but now I'm a big fan of her.


My girlfriend starts decorating rooms with flowers!


My girlfriend starts decorating rooms with flowers! The place is used for Airbnb. You can stay in Nishi-Nippori Tokyo.

She makes our house more and more tasteful. The picture and flowers are changed by her before I noticed. She loves to do them. I feel luxury and relax surrounded by flowers.

Kentaro Oshibaさん(@shibaken612)がシェアした投稿 -


I will talk about "first referendum in Japan" @Ikebukuro Tokyo

Last week I talked about "Referendums in Europe" for a certain political party.

My friend asked me that "what is it actually referendum?"

14th Nov, I will explain and show referendums which I did field work and reported cases.

Japan has never done a referendum in the nationwide. Still, many municipalities have done a lot of referendums. We can anticipate what will be happened in the amendment of constitution referendum,  observing local referendums in Japan.

It will have happened same things that happened local referendums in Japan. For example, holding a public debate, reporting an incorrect, dividing or uniting communities.
We can't avoid these problems, but we can look out them. We should learn from the history.


Special issue on the "Vacant house"

Special issue on the "Vacant house" 

Now already 1 in 7 is a vacant house in Japan, rapidly the rate is increasing. In 2033, the rate of a vacant house is 33%, in other words, 1 in 3 houses will be not used.

The seasonal magazine "Social movement"'s special issue in this time is "Vacant house". There are many examples from east to west in Japan.

I interviewed in Sendai about Weekend-Home-Project "Nakayama-Modern-House". 3 young people rent an old characteristic house. Their catch fraise is "Making with fun makes the town fun". They use the vacant house for fun, I felt that "vacant house" is a problem of our society, but it's a chance for challenging people because they can rent.


We need to think about medicine or vaccine before taking them

We need to think about medicine or vaccine before taking them because sometimes these things cause serious side effects.

I don't have a child yet, but I was so surprised that babies suppose to take many vaccines. Especially vaccination against HPV may cause adverse side effects. I interviewed a girl who suffers from it. She couldn't have had even walking for few years without wheelchair or cane. She feels pain like someone stick a needle in her neck and also other places.

Now she is in dispute in the court. I touched her effort and her mother's devotion. I wrote about their experience on the magazine "Social Movements", and I will encourage them.

I know some people need vaccine but, they should be ready for side effects. Doctors must give the information about the possibility. 


Tomorrow 22. Oct. 2017 is general election day in Japan.

Tomorrow 22. Oct. 2017 is general election day in Japan. I would like to clarify my current opinion.

Nuclear power plant
I can't approve to reoperation Nuclear power plant in Japan. People can make it safer but, people must mistake, that means somewhere, someday the accident must happen in the future. We should learn from Fukushima, we should not forget what happened in Fukushima. Even the accident will not happen, we cant detoxify radioactive waste. I won't give them to next generation. The other reason, it's nonsense to talk about national defence over running nuclear power plants. North Korea or other country doesn't need an atomic bomb, they need just one missile for our nuclear power plant.

We should change constitution article 9, it says

Article 9. Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized. 
Japan has the self-defence forces. I believe they are unconstitutional now. If we will keep the forces for the future, we should change the constitution.

Tomorrow is the voting day. I think there are many ways to make the future, but voting is a very efficient way. I voted the day before yesterday, not for Liberal democratic party.


28th Oct, I will talk about "What is populism, How can we find the right way."

Though Brexit and the presidential election in U.S.A are talked in a context of populism, Election and referendum need be supported by a majority and should be so.

Can we avoid populism? No, we must decide in the end with election or referendum under the democracy.

Then what is the problem of populism? We should start talking more about specific issues, for example, exclusivity or elitism, or discrimination.

In Japan, people encourage others to agree in conformity with majorities opinion or authority. However, under a referendum, Japanese should change the mind. People have own view for each, and there is no expected answer.

Referendum and election decide by a majority vote, but it's not to find loser, to choose how we live together with a different opinion.


How about present flowers for your friend?

How about present flowers for your friend?

In 2014, when I lived in Bulgaria, one day suddenly stood flower shop on the street. Men bought flowers in procession. In the evening women had a bunch of flowers with great relish. I asked Bulgarian friend "What day is it today?". She answered, "It's an international women's day so men present flowers for women." I was so surprised that in Japan there is not much culture like other countries. I will advance our culture more often enjoying flowers.

I used to think that "presenting floweres to wemon" is narcissists act but, my prejudice was changed.

I love dried flower too. I will write an article about flowers the end of this year.


My friend holds Free supermarket in Saitama.

My friend holds Free supermarket in Saitama.

My friend Taiki Ikeda who appeared on my TV holds a new event.


【The first time in Saitama】
<What is "free supermarket">
In the free supermarket, you can get goods which will be wasted some reason for free. The other day free supermarket was held in Tama Tokyo. This one will be the second time in Japan.

<Who is the organiser ”CAWAZ”?>
CAWAZ is an organisation which works to motivate every individual. They hold the free supermarket to make the society which anyone can eat foods enough at least.

From Second harvest Japan which is the biggest food bank in Japan offer 100-150 peoples foods. Second Harvest Japan is NPO known as they distribute food to the poor or people who are hard to get food.

・You can bring back to home up to 10 things.
・We don't prepare plastic bags for saving the environment. Please bring bags by yourself.
・In this time free supermarket, we offer the foods that can be stored room temperature.

【Open hours】
15:00〜 Close when the food runs out.


※If you find any problem with the food, please contact us not the production company.


I credit the company which offers foods for them.

At first, a food company should reduce the waste, then if the company still has a rest.  I know that donating foods don't make money but someone needs it.

When I was in U.S two years ago, the Churches or local community offers free supper for everyone few times a week. I don't know this kind of offer in Japan. We also need like this.


Do anybody else need iPhone5s 16GB for 2000JPY?

Do anybody else need iPhone5s 16GB for 2000JPY?

I will sell my iPhone5s. The phone has 2 cracks on the front, and a break on the corner left bottom.

In Ireland by "3" cellular company offers all you can eat Data for only 20euro per month. I decided to buy a smartphone, so I got it in Ireland 2015 for 300 euro.

I will sell it for 2000 JPY including shipping fee.


I published the book name "Everything about referendums"

With my boss, finally, I published the book name "Everything about referendums" For a half year, I have concentrated all my time and power to the book. I am delighted to say to friends about it. This half year was such tough days which I should response from my boss all day long. I believe this book is needed for every Japanese because, Japanese will face the first referendum in Nationwide, so they should know other countries experience.

I start running with Nike + run club.

I quit swimming but, I started running with Nike + run club.

Usually, I work in my house all day to read books, to write articles. When I lived in Kawagoe, I had visited swimming pool 3times a week. I moved to Higashimatsuyama, it's too far now to visit there.

The app, Nike+ can record my running log. 


"Media will control Japanese constitutional amendment referendum." is written by Ryu Honma.

"Media will control Japanese constitutional amendment referendum." is written by Ryu Honma.

We will face constitutional amendment referendum in a few years. Japan has already the law to hold a referendum. The law is based on freedom of expression and campaign but on the other hand, anyone can use the money for advertisement unlimited. It causes unfair campaign because, the side which wants to amendment constitution, has much more money than the other side which doesn't want to change.

If one side paid huge amount money for media, and the other a little, that makes the media favour for one side.

In fact, before 11th Mar 2011 Fukushima disaster, main Japanese media don't report about the danger of Nuclear because TEPCO spends about 30 billion JPY (250 million USD) to the media. People could not avoid seeing the advertisement about on the TV, Newspaper and magazines. Steadily, people, don't dought one-sided report and advertisement.

If PM Shinzo Abe holds a referendum now, it's clear that extremely unfair amount of money and advertisement are able to control our decision. We need a limit the amount of spending money, and the advertisement. U.K has the kind of law. We should revise the law. Otherwise, Japanese referendum will be obstructed by the money through media.


R.I.P Fukashigi/wonderboy who was my classmate.

R.I.P Fukashigi/wonderboy who was my classmate.

The end of 2011 my friend recommended me the singer who had died in Jun of that year.

I'm sorry the song is written in Japanese.
It's translation to English. I loved this song, then I downloaded other songs my phone too. I have listened to his songs often for few months.

After 5 years, another my friend asked me "Is Fukashigi/wonderboy your classmate in high school?"

I had known him just as a singer, but when I watched the video to seek my acquaintance again.

.... I may know him.

I checked our yearbook and found him who is Ishida. I googled "Fukashigi/wonderboy real name" then Google answered "Ishida."

I remember him. He is a member of the badminton club. I belonged to Cheer club, so his club's room was the next door. We often talked about something useless.

He was not a smart man, I was worse though. However, he is a blight and friendly guy.

He appears in the movie.
Do anybody my classmate know that "Fukashigi/wonderboy" is Ishida? 


Japanese get into board games.

I wrote an article about a board game on the evening newspaper "Yukan Fuji."


Japanese get into board games.

"Board game" is not only for Children also for adults now in Japan. Board game seemed for children for a long time but recent, Adults have noticed the deepness of board game.

It takes only a few minutes from Ikebukuro station, you can find board game cafe named "Jelly Jelly cafe" When I visited there on a weekday afternoon, a  dating couple and group of men had enjoyed already playing. I asked a guest that "How do you think about a board game?" She answered "I like a video game too, but we can talk and think each other at the same time. I will come to play here again." There is another board game cafe named "Korokoro-dou" in Nezu. The cafe is loved by local people. People visited these cafes after drinking party, instead of Karaoke. The number of that kind of cafe has already increased rapidly. There are over 180 at least in Japan mainly located in Tokyo. 

Board game expo is held 3 times a year. People can sell and buy there. New board are created more than 1000 every year that people working as a stuff said.

Board games are used not only playing also used for job training. They can learn about finance or strategy through playing a game. Purpose of training, or for playing, now it's popular to create a new board game. Yasuhide Ishigami is a founder of "Gamifi Japan" which supports and consulting to make a new game. From his workshop, around 70 new games were created.

Koji Maruta has run a store that specialises in board games for 11 years. He watched the history of Japanese board game culture. He said that "In the early days of Japanese board game culture, a kind of enthusiast bought games even it was expensive, but recently, a cheap and easy game is getting popular now." "Everybody can enjoy creative thinking, discussing and deciding on the common rule even easy game. Trough playing game, people can make a community, and also extend it."

Anyway, I recommend playing on long autumn nights. It's much better than just talking about "Board game".


An affair with a stranger is not your business!

The Bridges Of Madison County.jpg

Media reported too much about an affair of a well-known person, and many people blame the affair, I want to say that "it's not your business".

When some big-name did an affair, many people blame him. You must not expect others too much because other people don't expect you at all! It's an exception if you have a relationship with the person who cheats on you, I understand you expect or blame him.

It's easy to blame other people who committed adultery, but it's difficult to love a neighbour.

Please do not judge other people's relationship.

I worry about you if you will concern other people's affair so much.

Do you really love someone? Don't you love just someone who loves you?
If your lover cheats on you, do you still love yours?
Or do you have the other lover?

You should accept existence other people's relationship.
If you blame someone or affair, you will not be happy badly.

I don't care about the private life of well-known people. I expect a singer to sing a good song, a politician to do good politics.


I love the story of "The bridges of Madison County."


What is Populism?

People can easily criticise political decision with using this word "Populism". They believe they know the truth or right way, and other people don't know it. Recently years media use the word primarily, Brexit and Trump situation but before criticising, do you know anyone who voted for it? We should understand what was happened to them.
If people just criticise Brexit or Trump voter, the voter will be more obstinate.

In Latin America, populism movements will make more fair society like blowing wind coming from left but recently in European countries, U.S, or Filipin, populism caused intolerant sociaty name of "liberal democracy."

Intolerant society will be created not by populism.
People who have bigoted mind can have been pressured by something. If neighbours may support them, people can have a more tolerant.

I will keep thinking "Democracy", "Referendum" and "Populism".


16,000$ bill for my iPhone!

10,000$ bill for my iPhone in 2010.

I received a super large bill. After coming back from Vietnam.

After graduated uni, I have travelled Vietnam for one month. It was incredible. Delicious and cheap fruits and food, great nature and friendly people were a delight.

Vietnam was my second foreign country. At that time I didn't know about security well. When I had stayed luxury hotel in Hochiminh, I had left my phone in my room. When I came back my room, my lovely iPhone was gone. I know it was a thoughtless act.

I talked to the staff of the hotel about that my phone was stolen. He helped me to translate from English to Vietnamese in the police station.

The hotel staff asked me to sign a certificate of theft. I did as he told, even I couldn't understand what the certificate says. At that time, it was comforting to get the certificate. I needed it to claim insurance.

Then my friend translated the certificate of theft from Vietnamese to English. I was so surpurised because it says I had left my phone in a PARK, not the HOTEL! I think the Hotel staff wants to avoid investigation.

Anyway, my phone was covered by insurance with the certificate.

Whats more, after coming back to Japan, I got 1,731,437 JPY (over 16,000$!) bill for using the phone in Vietnam!!!

What the hell...

How many figures is it?

Around 2017, the phone company started the service that people can use a cell phone in abroad too, but it cost very expensive.

I called to the phone company that I didn't use it at all. She asked me to improve it. I sent the certificate of theft.

I was waiting for 2 days. I can't think anything others.

Finally, she called back me, I picked up the receiver with trembling hand. she answered me "you don't have to pay all of the amounts, but you must pay 80,000JPY (750$)"

It's still very expensive but, I paid it as soon as possible, and I didn't want to think about it anymore.

It was my mistake, I don't have a grudge against a thief at all.
I hope the thief became happy using my iPhone.


we found a cute suspect.

5th and 6th Sep, I've been to Motegi Tochigi to prepare harvest.

It's been 7 years since we started the rice field. In this year we will harvest on 7th Oct.

Before harvesting wild boars ate our rice!!

Look!! We served them with organic rice!!

I felt so sad because they have eaten over half of ours. When we rebuilt the electric fence, we found a suspect. 


We can't kill him. Please don't eat so much. Please leave rice for us.


A referendum can take the wrong decision, but it's democracy.

Many time I talk about "Referendum", some of the audience suspect decided by a majority. I can imagine their ideas. However, decided by a majority is a possible way based on fair that each person has a vote. I know the best way is reaching a unanimous decision, but it's not a realistic way. So we should decide anyway.

Decide by a majority doesn't mean "proper direction". Brexit is supported by the majority in the UK, but no one knows what will happen on Brexit.

Decide by a majority doesn't mean "Democracy". Democracy needs deliberateness, minority opinion,  freedom of expression and so on.

If politicians want to know public opinion, a referendum is the best way, but the important thing is how the referendum will be held. I believe David Cameron rightly measured public opinion using referendum. If politicians don't want to know (care) public opinion, they can decide just by a majority of politician.

The politician can say "It's democracy" because they are chosen the democratic way, but if they don't care about deliberateness and minority opinion, it's just majority, not a democracy.

I will talk about "referendum" Tomorrow in Kunitachi, in Tokyo.


At least today, I think about Nuclear weapons.

At least today, I think about Nuclear weapons.

72 years ago, an atomic weapon exploded in Hiroshima city. It's the first time in the human history. Nuclear weapons are man's greatest enemy. The weapon destroyed everything, and it remained radiation in the environment and people. I know that the more we know about nuclear weapons, the more terrible it is.

When I knew the news that, the Japanese government's abstained from a United Nations conference to negotiate a treaty outlawing nuclear weapons, I was so shocked. I strongly believe that we mustn't use it anymore. Japanese should know about it, and I think we should lead "No Nukes" movement.

Nuclear weapons are not past problem, but now and future. There are still about 15 thousand nuclear weapons. It's no longer a deterrent. That is a threat.

People need courage to part with it.

I don't want to be threatened by someone who has a switch of nuclear weapons. I know the lady who is injured by the nuclear weapon at Hiroshima when she was 14 years old. I always think of her when I think about the nuclear weapon. It's not just history, but Nuclear is my friend's experience.


My friend RYU-SEI drew my girlfriend and me.

My friend RYU-SEI is an artist. He drew my girlfriend and me as a present. We are so surprised and granted about it.

He has an exquisite sense of art and expression.

This is his blog.

He is a very famous artist now. He holds many exhibitions recent years. Now in Sendai Japan, you can see the real pictures until 9th Aug, at Nakamoto modern museum. Unfortunately, I can't go there but if you are interested in his works. I strongly recommend you.

I got new treasure from RYU-SEI. Thank him very much. I really appreciate his such a fantastic present.


Japanese diet decided abandoned "protecting seed's law"

Japanese diet decided abandoned "protecting seed's law", almost Japanese didn't know it.

"protecting seed's law" make every prefecture to protect their own seeds for important food which is like rice, wheat, and soybeans.

The "protecting seed's law" support Japanese local various low-priced to take over Japanese seeds. Another law makes the prefectures should give information of their own seeds for companies in the name of fairness to global companies to take over Japanese seeds. Another law makes the prefectures should provide information on their own seeds for companies in the name of fair competition against private business.

If global company take over Japanese small seed's business, farmers can't choose seeds they really want, they have to buy seed's company want to sell, because it costs to keep various kind of seeds, so they select only few kinds.

Our body is made from air, water and food. Our mind is controlled by our body. If you want to control your life, you should think about food.

EU people are more concerned about agricultural chemicals and GMO products than Japanese. Japanese should think about to save our lives.


I will talk about referendums on 20th Aug at Kunitachi Tokyo.

I will talk about referendums on 20th Aug at Kunitachi Tokyo.

Japanese have never done a referendum, so Japanese are afraid of referendum especially "populism". The antonym of "populism" is "elitism". If someone doesn't believe popular, they should follow elites. That means not a democracy. If you believe a democracy, you should accept a referendum.

I know there were terrible referendums in the history, for example, Hitler, Pinochet. However, these are not the proper way to hold a referendum.

I think "Brexit" referendum took place right way. I will talk something about these themes.


I will talk about our book and my favourite things on a live.

From 21:00 23rd July, I will talk about our book and my favourite things on a live. It's free to watch on the internet but only in Japanese.


I'd like to speak also about my life with my girlfriend. I've just moved to Higashimatsuyama Saitama with my girlfriend. I'm delighted to live with her.

This is the movie which I have talked last time on the program. 

I appear from 15 minutes later.


I will talk about "Referendum" in Fukushima

I will talk about "Referendum" on 26th Aug, in Fukushima.

I will talk about referendums. Each country has own rules. I've been the UK, Swiss, Germany, Bulgaria and so on. I think Japanese people will face the first referendum next year so we should think about it but at first, we should know other countries experience.

Young guys in Lithuania

Lithuania has held referendums over 10 times in 25 years since they independent from the Soviet Union. For them, a referendum is very common.  

Graffiti in Dublin.

In 2015 Ireland held a referendum on "same-sex marriage" then Irish explicitly agreed on homosexual rights. In Japan, it's not possible to get marriage, even Citizen partnership.

In 2014 in Glasgow, I felt people power of autonomy and vote. I know the power of the vote, but I can't feel it.

In 2016, London, UK.

"Vote Leave" campaigner made a door-to-door canvass. In Japan before the election. We are not allowed to do canvassing, but while referendum campaign we can do a canvas.


I will talk about "referendum" in Shizuoka Japan on 5, Aug.

I will talk about "referendum" in Shizuoka on 5th Aug. Shizuoka Prefecture has nuclear power plants by the Suruga Bay. "Hamaoka" the name of it is one of the riskiest reactors in Japan. The first of all, it is expected that a huge earthquake will occur in the near future. The second, Japan can manage electricity without Nuclear power. Japan has enough energy, so we don't have to use risky power plant, but the electric company want to re-use it. It's not only Shizuoka problem because if something happens at "Hamaoka" Japan would be entirely destroyed especially Tokyo, Nagoya.

We should talk and "decide" about Nuclear power in Japan after Fukushima disaster. I think Japan needs to do a referendum on "Nuclear power plant".

It's possibly held local referendum in Shizuoka about it. I keep an eye on it.  

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