"The world's fastest Indian" I guess the reward is in the doing of it

The story of New Zealander Burt Munro, who spent years rebuilding a 1920 Indian motorcycle, which helped him set the land speed world record at Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats in 1967. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0412080/)

For more than 8 years, when I was asked “What is your favourite movie?”,
I answered "The World's Fastest Indian.”
My best movie is now "3 idiots"

My second best movie is "the world's fastest Indian." The movie is based on the real story of Burt Munro. He is old Kiwi, He brought his bike to U.S. No one believed his old bike could run fast, but He broke the world's record.

He always gets over with humour and earnest. I don't care of how fast at all. Slower is better, I love to ride a bicycle. However, he pursuits speed and before I knew I cheered him.

People gives others trouble, but an important thing is a gratitude and apology. Although Burt is not a perfect man, he has these attitude. Therefore many people want to help him.  

I don't think "Everyone can achieve their dream".
He is crazy at speed. He loves to ride a bike.


In the movie, an Indian asked Burt.

"What do you want to ride that contraption for?"

He answered
"Well...I guess the reward is in the doing of it."

I think the story is valid if he doesn't achieve the fastest. He is already satisfied on the way to be fastest.

This is the point. He loves to do that. The result comes after passion.

The movie is the undisputed 5 stars.

What do I talk about today.

Finally, I found English speaking group in Kawagoe. 

1) What do I like? Food, transport, season or something.
Actually, I'm a vegetarian, not strictly, but I don't buy meat or fish, I don't order these things either. Instead of this stuff, I love to eat soy foods Tofu, Natto. I eat raw eggs with soy sauce, It's amazing. When I was in Germany.it's not common to eat raw egg there. My friend from Japan thirsted for raw eggs. She asked her boyfriend, who is German, "Are German eggs safe to eat even uncooked." Then he answered, "We don't eat raw eggs, but Of course it's safe, just like Japan". She ate raw egg. After that, she got terrible stomach ache for 3 days. I heard that story, I have never eaten raw eggs in Germany. So now I'm euphoric to eat raw eggs.  

2) Where do I want to go next holiday
I want to go Mexico absolutely, I love Mexican foods, and my Parents honeymoon country is Mexico. I will know where my parents saw about 30 years ago. I also love their music too.

3) How do I learn English? 
I love to watch a movie, my second best movie is "the world's fastest Indian." The movie is based on the real story of Burt Munro. He is old Kiwi, He brought his bike to U.S. No one believed his old bike could run fast, but He did it.

4) What is your hobby
I like to excise, I play soccer,  swim, hiking or ride a bicycle. I don't like to watch someone play sports or running so much. I want to do it.

5) Reccently Which news interests you. 
A movie named "Suffrage" is released today. The story is based on the real story at the end of 19century in U.K. Meryl Streep acted too, I like her.

6) Do you have memory of snow
I don't like snow, I hate a cold place, but When I was in Canada, My host family took me to a vast snowfield. I rode on the snowmobil. That was so exciting experience.

7) Something funny story.
I live with my grandparents. My grandfather is already over 90 years old, he is senile, New year coming and he asked me "So the new year is 19..what?" Hey, Granpa! Already it's 2017!!


I research on the referendums in New Zealand about Alcohol policy.


Surprisingly, New Zealand is the first country in the world to get women's suffrage and the women's suffrage is concerned in the referendums about prohibition.

The Women's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU), established in 1885, was also an important voice in the temperance campaign. Women were widely thought to be among the worst affected by alcohol, in an era when they were largely dependent on men for money to sustain the home and family. The WCTU would campaign strongly for women's political rights, helping New Zealand women win the vote in 1893. https://nzhistory.govt.nz/politics/temperance-movement/beginnings

I have read these articles about referendums.

I have still questions.
I can't find the reason why New Zealand held referendums on Prohibition every general election. 
I understand Alcohol policy is really the subject of much debate in New Zealand.

I think the government didn't prefer prohibition at that time.
So, Were the government afraid of fixing Prohibition?
Or Prohibitionist wanted many chances to achieve prohibition. 

I'd like to know "who(Continuationist, or Prohibitionist)", and why they wanted to hold referendums every election. I understand referendum once, but I don't know why they decided to "hold referendums on every election"?

I know why NZ skipped referendum in 1931 because of WW1.
However I don't know Why New Zealand skipped referendum in 1951,

If you have any idea of the questions.

Please let me know. Thank you very much.


Our talk for 2 hours!!

I will talk about my travelling in Ireland UK and Berlin.

Sorry this is only in English.

Happy new year!!!!


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