English class 26nd Feb, 2017

What's new of you?
To day is Tokyo marathon day. Some of my friends are running now! I like to run too. When I was a University student, I ran 100km in 24 hours from Kisaradu to Kichijoji without TV crew. 

Also, I ran from Tokyo to the foot of Fujiyama. We are 3 people, one of my friend and I ran, and the other brought everything of our stuff by bicycle. It took 3 days long to go there, and 4thday, we climbed up to an 8th point. Following day we saw the sunrise from the top of Japan. Then came down to bottom. The run was so tough but, carrying stuff was also very tough. In the plan 2 who ran took a bus to Tokyo and the other come back by bicycle, but He gave up to ride a bicycle. Reluctantly, I gave him my ticket, and I came back by bicycle to Saitama. I think the most tired day in my life.   

What is your favourite cup noodle?
Umm, I don't eat a cup noodle at all. When I ate cup noodle last time, it was nightmare. This is my fault. On the flight to Germany from Japan, I eat much but, the meal in the plane is not enough for me. I was a hungry even after taking meal. Usually customer can have snacks when they feel hungry like me. At that day, there are only cup noodle, I ate it 3 cup noodles, then I got a terrible headache I don't know why, maybe too much noodles or something another reason.

Your story of your dream
I don't have memories of dream much, although I remember one dream I saw. I don't fly, but I can spring very high. I saw my town from the sky. 

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