English meeting. 4th Feb.

1)What is your favourite to eat, play or something?
I didn't like to read a book so much when I was a child. I started to read books when I was a student. When I went to foreign countries, many people asked me about "Haruki Murakami" but had not read it. Last year I read his book "Norwegen Forest" It was a fantastic book, so touched for me. I named my era, after meeting his world. People can feel joy beautiful or emotion of life, with simple story simple words.  

2)Please talk to me about your future travel.
I want to go to Mexico, I love Mexican foods, music, and people, Spanish too. My parents have been there on their honeymoon. I want to see what my parents saw in my age!

3)What's new for you about your English? 
I'm really happy to find the event in mixi. I was looking for this kind of English club for free. I just want to talk in English. I can find in Tokyo, but it costs. They are on business. No, I want to make friends. For the event I got a reason to write English sentences, They will listen to me, I will listen to other people talking. I need English skill for my job, before it I love English. This is the reason, which I will learn English. 

4)What is your hobby? What do you like to do?

Playing soccer. 

5)What are you interested in?
Children poorness. 1 sixth children are under the relative poverty. They are at risk of not well-educated, illness and abuse. I thought in Japan, I didn't realise the problem. I grew up in Newtown in Higashimatsuyama. I knew there is poorness, but not so many just in News in Japan. But 1 sixth children for example with 1milion 800 thousand yen per year their income, with their one parent. The average is 6million. It's too much gap. Please don't misunderstand. I agree there is a gap, but it's unacceptable level. In Yokohama, there is no school lunch. Junior high school students suppose to bring their own lunch, but some of them bring just one sweet roll or cup noodle. Good nutrition is indispensable to grow up children. 

6)Did you make a mistake in these days?
I forget my mistakes very soon. I just do what can I do. 

7)What do you do when you are tired?
I eat something I love to eat, sometimes, it's a fruit, Tempura Soba noodle or Pork-cutlet Don, then I go to sleep. It will recover me so much. 

8)What is your relaxing method?  
Watching movie, Playing games, Singing in Karaoke by myself, Listening music thunderous, Swimming, writing diary, 

9)What is your favourite snack in these days? 
I don't eat chips, but I love to eat Tortilla. My favourite is a simple one which ingredients are Cornflower, sunflower oil and salt. When I was in Ireland, it costs only 70 cents. I ate it every day. It made me gaining weight.

10) What do you want to buy days recently?
I'd like to buy a new wallet. I've been used my wallet for 17 years since I was a junior high school. I used to use a buffalo skin wallet 3 years while I was a student in Uni. I still have the wallet, but it's a long wallet. 

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