12 March 2017 English class.

What's new for you?
Yesterday was 11, March. I prayed for the dead. At that time, even now I don't have a regular job. My friend asked me to go for the volunteer in Tohoku area. We decided to go there with friends. We rent a pickup truck. We brought our food, tents and whatever which we need to survive. I remember from beginning April for 10days. We cleaned up the town around Ishinomaki. We went to Kesennuma too. However, I felt so scared. My friends asked me " Do you want to stay and work with us together?". I answered "Sorry I can't". after that they launched NPO named "Sokoage" I haven't been Tohoku for maybe 3 or 4 years, but felt close, because I have friends who work there hard. I listen about Tohoku from them.

Do you know "search for 3.11"? This is a campaign from Yahoo.Yahoo Japan donates 10 JPY(about 10cents) per person who searches "3.11" on Yahoo internet. The donation is shared for NPOs which work in Tohoku area. And one of these NPO is "Sokoage". I really proud of them and I respect them.

What do you do when you get up early on holiday?
I exercise with radio music. I will clean up my room, and I sell my clothes, books and CDs. 

If you could back to your school days, what do you want to work hard?
I wish I could back to Highschool days. I will study more. At that time I didn't realise how the study is so exciting.

Do you have something rule for eating?
I don't eat meat or fish, but I don't want to restrict myself to vegetarian. Sometimes I eat these things. I don't eat eel which I told last time because they are facing extinction.

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