I'm an "unofficial" guide in Kawagoe.

I always ask friends who come to Japan to come to Kawagoe. I'm an "unofficial" guide in Kawagoe. I have spent 3 years in my high school days, and I live in Kawagoe now. I am really happy to guide you around my beautiful Kawagoe.

Starting from Kawagoe station, Kawagoe is linked with TobuTojo-line and JR. It's very convenient location. It takes less than an hour from Tokyo by train. Near Kawagoe station, there is Hon-Kawagoe Station connected with Seibu-Shinjuku-Line. It's also great to start!

I recommend Market Terrace for lunch.
You can find LUMINE very easy from Kawagoe station. Market-terrace is the 7th floor in LUMINE. This is buffet style restaurant. Local and delicious foods are available. Buffet style fits for vegetarian and vegan too.

Local Craft Beer COEDO
You must not forget to drink COEDO. You can find the sign of COEDO anywhere in Kawagoe. There are many kinds of beer from COEDO brewery. I recommend "Beniaka" Beniaka means red in Japanese. "Beniaka" beer contain sweet potato which is the speciality in Kawagoe.

Traditional temple Kitain
Kitain is the temple which was moved from Tokyo long ago.

Main Street in Kawagoe
You can see the street which is like old Tokyo style. 
Now Tokyo's building is almost reconstructed bigger and higher. You can feel old traditional Tokyo in Kawagoe now.

Sweets Street.
You should come here until early afternoon because the shop will close early. You can enjoy little sweets there. Kawagoe is famous of Seet potato. There are many kinds of sweets made of Sweet potato for example Ice cream, chips, a Japanese-style bun stuffed with sweet potato. I saw many people buying the long sweet soft stick called "Fugashi". This is too big to bring all the way after buying. It tastes good, but it's too much. It's not a good idea buying it. 

If you have a plan to come to Japan, let me know! I will guide you around Kawagoe. Let's drink local beer, eat Sweet potato, walk a traditional street in Japan.

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