9th Jun, Talk Event "We can live anywhere in the world"

I will talk about my story which I experienced in abroad at 9th Jun, in Shimokitazawa Tokyo. The event title means "There is a kindness to be found everywhere in the world" I will share my knowledge how I met great friends, got the jobs, and how I travelled these countries. It's a message "We can live anywhere in the world" if you want!

When I was a student,  I decided that I stay at least one month in abroad. After that, I've been to Canada, Vietnam, Taiwan, Filipin, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Ireland, Scotland, England, U.S, and Germany.

I visited Canada for the first time for me. I stayed Grande Prairie as a farm stay. Following year, I visited Vietnam, at that time, my iPhone was stolen, and I got a bill which amounts 10000 dollars for my stolen iPhone. I got over the problem. 

I travelled by hitchhiking around Britain island. I met very kind people who took me another place. Some of them treated me food and even bed too. It was a risk, but for me, this was a fantastic experience, I met many local people, and I talked with them. They took also risk to bring me to another place, so I appreciate them very much.

Japanese with their passport can go 173 countries without a visa! We have very strong chance to go abroad but, only 24% people have a passport. I will encourage people who are undecided to go overseas!

Date: 19:30-21:30 9th Jun 2017
Adrress:2-29-14-2F Daizawa, Setagaya Tokyo "Cafe Stay Happy"
Entry:2000yen+1 order.
FB Link sorry it's written only in Japanese, https://www.facebook.com/events/399884120404994/?notif_t=plan_user_associated&notif_id=1493689744547164

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