English class 7th May 2017

Something good for you.
My hometown Takasaka in Higashimatsuyama, there had been some cafe when I lived there. I thought it was nothing special. Every station has at least one cafe, but when I had come back to Japan on last November, all cafe was gone. I was so shocked, I thought it was my fault, I didn't care about a cafe, I didn't realise how important Cafe is. We need somewhere just sit and talk with coffee. Last month I went to my hometown again, my friend living there told me that new cafe shop opened. I was so happy to hear that. Then yesterday I went the shop named "Yoake" Yoake means "Dawn" in English. I ate "Taco-rice" which is contained soy-meat. It tastes surprisingly delicious. Then I ordered a cheesecake with organic Strawberry too. It also tasted amazing. I really recommend you to come to "Yoake", but I know you don't have the timing to come to Takasaka. I will go to there many times as possible, I know that now if I don't come often, the shop would leave there. Our station doesn't have a bookstore now. I will accept the truth, and if new bookstore opens at Takasaka, I'm glad to buy books there to keep them in our hometown.  

Have you ever devoted yourself to something?
When I was a student, I joined fundraising event for saving poor people. Do you know NGO Oxfam which is famous in Europe? At that time Oxfam is not well-known, they launched in Japan 2 years before at that point. The event was to be held for fundraising like that. We were 4 people team. We declared to hike 100km in 48 hours. This is our 4's challenge, and we asked friends to give some money for our challenge against poverty. We collect over 400 thousand yen. Then we ran together in 48 hours! 

Who is a character in Anime Anpanman like you?
I don't know much about Anpanman. I remember "Omusubiman" Omusubi means rice ball in Japanese. He is a traveller who is very strong and cool guy like me. My Omusubiman image is seemed like Snufkin in Moomin. I'm not so calm I'm a more emotional person.

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