I visited Organic Farm "Nonono" in Saitama Japan.

I visited an organic farm "Nonono" in Hidaka, Saitama. My friend Masaya Kato started farming this year. We have known each other since 2010, at that time, I'm interested in Local food in Japan, and we met at a farm in Saitama. He told me his dream that "I will be a farmer in my hometown." Then finally, his dream comes true. "nonono" has no mining just sounds pretty, and easy to memory in Japanese.

His face and body became a real farmer. He offered lunch for me. Cucumber Pickles, Zucchini, and Soybeans. All of them were amazing more delicious than normal one which I eat usually. I really love to help him and feel happy that my old friend made his dream come true.
He will start "WWOOF"  If you have interesting for organic farming, I recommend his farm. He is honest, kind and his vegetables are great!


If I face outstanding quality of meat, no way! I love to eat!!

Usually, I don't eat meat and fish, so I'm a kind of vegetarian but not strict. Tough I like the taste of meat when I imagine the environment influence of livestock. I eat meat as possible. However, if I face outstanding quality of meat, no way! I love to eat them!

2 weeks ago, I visited Kyoto with my friends, they recommended me "Gottie's Beef".

"Gottie's Beef" offer dry-aging-beef. These meat were fantastic.

They have branch shop named "Nick Stock". They offer Morning-Coffee menu from 8 AM. It's not common in Tokyo. Maybe you can't believe, but the almost cafe in Tokyo open at 10 AM or even 11 AM!! and they offer "Morning-set", but it's not low priced. "Nick Stock" has Morning-Coffee menu from 480 JPY and you can eat many boiled eggs as you want. I've never visited there, but I will try someday soon. I hope the "Nick Stock" raise the level of Cafe-Morning culture in Tokyo.

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Finally, we will publish our book "Referendums around the world for Japanese"

Finally, we will publish our book "Referendums around the world for Japanese" on 4th July. Since I came back to Japan, I spend all my energy and time in this book. I was almost killed by the stress, but my friends and coworker have supported me always. Therefore we have done. 

The book was written by Hajime Imai with publishing team including me. I wrote the part of the book. 2nd part which the list of world's referendum history. In the 3rd part, I wrote New Zealand's referendum on "National Flag","Temperance", Chilean referendum on "Augusto Pinochet" and so on.

In the 4th part, I wrote about Scottish Independence referendum and Lithuanian New-Nuclear power plant referendum. Both of them I reported from there at that time. 

I believe this book is the best book before facing the first referendum in Japan. Japanese have never done any referendum in nation wide. Many Japanese are afraid of a referendum because they don't know what would occur or not. For example, Adolf Hitler used referendums, but he won elections legally too. Chilean threw the dictator out by referendum peacefully. Swiss put the referendums to practical use. U.K. decided on "Brexit" by democratic way. So we should learn other countries experiences.

Sorry, the book is written by only Japanese for now.


I just turned 31 years old today

I got a girlfriend.

I never know what will happen in life but, I'm really happy now.


Don't be afraid even you can't speak the local language.

I know it's really important to speak to the people there in their own language. However, if you want to go there, I think it does not matter to speak their language.

English is already common language in the world at least in the universities. When I fly to abroad, at first I go to University, I can find people who can speak English very easily, sometimes even Japanese too! Then I ask them where is the best place to eat or drink or dance. They know the best place in their town.

In Lithuania, one student who can speak Japanese helped us to translate the sentence from Japanese to Lithuanian.

Recent years, we can find any information on the internet. When I travelled around the UK by Hitchhiking. I asked a stranger to interview directly. When I travelled around Ireland, I gathered friends to go with me.

Nowadays, it's really easy to meet local people. I often use Couchsurfing, Meetup and Airbnb. Technology changed travelling style. English will be more common, then travelling easier.

My first travelling abroad was Canada in 2009, at that my English was so bad, but I tried to understand their words and minds. Then somehow we understood each other also because of their cooperation.

English is very important, and It will be more in the future, but most important thing is "Cooperate to understand each other." We can use non-verbal communication for example body language, expression, writing, etc.


What I will talk about "Travel" on 9th Jun.

Greeting from Iyama, Nagano Japan. It's a business trip. I have the daytime job, and night time job. These hard work may knock me over, but I'm happy to do these jobs what I want to do. I will work with travelling.

On 9th Jun, I will talk in the event "we can live anywhere in the world" about travelling. Every day I think what I want to share with the people.

Why I want to go somewhere from here always. How have I met great friends?

What did I something wrong, and what did I learn from the experience.

I'm sure, many people has more travelling experience than I but, I have my own real experience. I will share it to push people who want to go abroad.

I feel "my life" when I stand somewhere I have never been.

I will get highly cautious. I should decide everything. I can eat amazingly delicious food or meet illegally expensive restaurant.

I know "travelling" is the best way to meet myself.


Travelling meets "Love."

I believe everyone will contribute love, knowledge or time for other people. In Japan, in the school or family, children are educated with "You must not bother other people" It means Japanese people afraid to say "Help!"

However, I'm glad that my friend asks me to help. I will do something to help my friend. If someone looks lost way, I'm glad to help them. I believe other people also has this kind of thinking. I think more than thinking, this is desire.

When I travel abroad, I often meet problems, because, I don't know much about their language, place and culture. I'm sure not all, but many people will help me, and I appreciate them.

I travelled by hitchiking around the U.K. British people took me to another place and treated my drink, food even bed at that time. I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I noticed that I can say "Help" to another person. Somebody will help me with glad. I'm also happy to help anyone needs help too.

"Travelling" is the way to notice that. I realise that I can survive in this world, I will save the lovely beautiful world.

I will talk these stories in this Talk Live.

9th Jun, Talk Event "We can live anywhere in the world" in Tokyo


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