Don't be afraid even you can't speak the local language.

I know it's really important to speak to the people there in their own language. However, if you want to go there, I think it does not matter to speak their language.

English is already common language in the world at least in the universities. When I fly to abroad, at first I go to University, I can find people who can speak English very easily, sometimes even Japanese too! Then I ask them where is the best place to eat or drink or dance. They know the best place in their town.

In Lithuania, one student who can speak Japanese helped us to translate the sentence from Japanese to Lithuanian.

Recent years, we can find any information on the internet. When I travelled around the UK by Hitchhiking. I asked a stranger to interview directly. When I travelled around Ireland, I gathered friends to go with me.

Nowadays, it's really easy to meet local people. I often use Couchsurfing, Meetup and Airbnb. Technology changed travelling style. English will be more common, then travelling easier.

My first travelling abroad was Canada in 2009, at that my English was so bad, but I tried to understand their words and minds. Then somehow we understood each other also because of their cooperation.

English is very important, and It will be more in the future, but most important thing is "Cooperate to understand each other." We can use non-verbal communication for example body language, expression, writing, etc.

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