Finally, we will publish our book "Referendums around the world for Japanese"

Finally, we will publish our book "Referendums around the world for Japanese" on 4th July. Since I came back to Japan, I spend all my energy and time in this book. I was almost killed by the stress, but my friends and coworker have supported me always. Therefore we have done. 

The book was written by Hajime Imai with publishing team including me. I wrote the part of the book. 2nd part which the list of world's referendum history. In the 3rd part, I wrote New Zealand's referendum on "National Flag","Temperance", Chilean referendum on "Augusto Pinochet" and so on.

In the 4th part, I wrote about Scottish Independence referendum and Lithuanian New-Nuclear power plant referendum. Both of them I reported from there at that time. 

I believe this book is the best book before facing the first referendum in Japan. Japanese have never done any referendum in nation wide. Many Japanese are afraid of a referendum because they don't know what would occur or not. For example, Adolf Hitler used referendums, but he won elections legally too. Chilean threw the dictator out by referendum peacefully. Swiss put the referendums to practical use. U.K. decided on "Brexit" by democratic way. So we should learn other countries experiences.

Sorry, the book is written by only Japanese for now.

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