I visited Organic Farm "Nonono" in Saitama Japan.

I visited an organic farm "Nonono" in Hidaka, Saitama. My friend Masaya Kato started farming this year. We have known each other since 2010, at that time, I'm interested in Local food in Japan, and we met at a farm in Saitama. He told me his dream that "I will be a farmer in my hometown." Then finally, his dream comes true. "nonono" has no mining just sounds pretty, and easy to memory in Japanese.

His face and body became a real farmer. He offered lunch for me. Cucumber Pickles, Zucchini, and Soybeans. All of them were amazing more delicious than normal one which I eat usually. I really love to help him and feel happy that my old friend made his dream come true.
He will start "WWOOF"  If you have interesting for organic farming, I recommend his farm. He is honest, kind and his vegetables are great!

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