A referendum can take the wrong decision, but it's democracy.

Many time I talk about "Referendum", some of the audience suspect decided by a majority. I can imagine their ideas. However, decided by a majority is a possible way based on fair that each person has a vote. I know the best way is reaching a unanimous decision, but it's not a realistic way. So we should decide anyway.

Decide by a majority doesn't mean "proper direction". Brexit is supported by the majority in the UK, but no one knows what will happen on Brexit.

Decide by a majority doesn't mean "Democracy". Democracy needs deliberateness, minority opinion,  freedom of expression and so on.

If politicians want to know public opinion, a referendum is the best way, but the important thing is how the referendum will be held. I believe David Cameron rightly measured public opinion using referendum. If politicians don't want to know (care) public opinion, they can decide just by a majority of politician.

The politician can say "It's democracy" because they are chosen the democratic way, but if they don't care about deliberateness and minority opinion, it's just majority, not a democracy.

I will talk about "referendum" Tomorrow in Kunitachi, in Tokyo.

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