At least today, I think about Nuclear weapons.

At least today, I think about Nuclear weapons.

72 years ago, an atomic weapon exploded in Hiroshima city. It's the first time in the human history. Nuclear weapons are man's greatest enemy. The weapon destroyed everything, and it remained radiation in the environment and people. I know that the more we know about nuclear weapons, the more terrible it is.

When I knew the news that, the Japanese government's abstained from a United Nations conference to negotiate a treaty outlawing nuclear weapons, I was so shocked. I strongly believe that we mustn't use it anymore. Japanese should know about it, and I think we should lead "No Nukes" movement.

Nuclear weapons are not past problem, but now and future. There are still about 15 thousand nuclear weapons. It's no longer a deterrent. That is a threat.

People need courage to part with it.

I don't want to be threatened by someone who has a switch of nuclear weapons. I know the lady who is injured by the nuclear weapon at Hiroshima when she was 14 years old. I always think of her when I think about the nuclear weapon. It's not just history, but Nuclear is my friend's experience.

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