16,000$ bill for my iPhone!

10,000$ bill for my iPhone in 2010.

I received a super large bill. After coming back from Vietnam.

After graduated uni, I have travelled Vietnam for one month. It was incredible. Delicious and cheap fruits and food, great nature and friendly people were a delight.

Vietnam was my second foreign country. At that time I didn't know about security well. When I had stayed luxury hotel in Hochiminh, I had left my phone in my room. When I came back my room, my lovely iPhone was gone. I know it was a thoughtless act.

I talked to the staff of the hotel about that my phone was stolen. He helped me to translate from English to Vietnamese in the police station.

The hotel staff asked me to sign a certificate of theft. I did as he told, even I couldn't understand what the certificate says. At that time, it was comforting to get the certificate. I needed it to claim insurance.

Then my friend translated the certificate of theft from Vietnamese to English. I was so surpurised because it says I had left my phone in a PARK, not the HOTEL! I think the Hotel staff wants to avoid investigation.

Anyway, my phone was covered by insurance with the certificate.

Whats more, after coming back to Japan, I got 1,731,437 JPY (over 16,000$!) bill for using the phone in Vietnam!!!

What the hell...

How many figures is it?

Around 2017, the phone company started the service that people can use a cell phone in abroad too, but it cost very expensive.

I called to the phone company that I didn't use it at all. She asked me to improve it. I sent the certificate of theft.

I was waiting for 2 days. I can't think anything others.

Finally, she called back me, I picked up the receiver with trembling hand. she answered me "you don't have to pay all of the amounts, but you must pay 80,000JPY (750$)"

It's still very expensive but, I paid it as soon as possible, and I didn't want to think about it anymore.

It was my mistake, I don't have a grudge against a thief at all.
I hope the thief became happy using my iPhone.

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