An affair with a stranger is not your business!

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Media reported too much about an affair of a well-known person, and many people blame the affair, I want to say that "it's not your business".

When some big-name did an affair, many people blame him. You must not expect others too much because other people don't expect you at all! It's an exception if you have a relationship with the person who cheats on you, I understand you expect or blame him.

It's easy to blame other people who committed adultery, but it's difficult to love a neighbour.

Please do not judge other people's relationship.

I worry about you if you will concern other people's affair so much.

Do you really love someone? Don't you love just someone who loves you?
If your lover cheats on you, do you still love yours?
Or do you have the other lover?

You should accept existence other people's relationship.
If you blame someone or affair, you will not be happy badly.

I don't care about the private life of well-known people. I expect a singer to sing a good song, a politician to do good politics.


I love the story of "The bridges of Madison County."

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