Japanese get into board games.

I wrote an article about a board game on the evening newspaper "Yukan Fuji."


Japanese get into board games.

"Board game" is not only for Children also for adults now in Japan. Board game seemed for children for a long time but recent, Adults have noticed the deepness of board game.

It takes only a few minutes from Ikebukuro station, you can find board game cafe named "Jelly Jelly cafe" When I visited there on a weekday afternoon, a  dating couple and group of men had enjoyed already playing. I asked a guest that "How do you think about a board game?" She answered "I like a video game too, but we can talk and think each other at the same time. I will come to play here again." There is another board game cafe named "Korokoro-dou" in Nezu. The cafe is loved by local people. People visited these cafes after drinking party, instead of Karaoke. The number of that kind of cafe has already increased rapidly. There are over 180 at least in Japan mainly located in Tokyo. 

Board game expo is held 3 times a year. People can sell and buy there. New board are created more than 1000 every year that people working as a stuff said.

Board games are used not only playing also used for job training. They can learn about finance or strategy through playing a game. Purpose of training, or for playing, now it's popular to create a new board game. Yasuhide Ishigami is a founder of "Gamifi Japan" which supports and consulting to make a new game. From his workshop, around 70 new games were created.

Koji Maruta has run a store that specialises in board games for 11 years. He watched the history of Japanese board game culture. He said that "In the early days of Japanese board game culture, a kind of enthusiast bought games even it was expensive, but recently, a cheap and easy game is getting popular now." "Everybody can enjoy creative thinking, discussing and deciding on the common rule even easy game. Trough playing game, people can make a community, and also extend it."

Anyway, I recommend playing on long autumn nights. It's much better than just talking about "Board game".

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